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It's not easy being a single mom. As a single parent, you have to take on double the parenting duty. Other issues can make this even more complex. For example, some young moms write about what to do if my boyfriend is an alcoholic. Please share your experience and wisdom. As you will see, these problems require a great support system, time management skills and top-notch parenting techniques. If you have tips to share with other single moms or just want to help other single mothers and single parents out there, then tell us your story.

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my story

I'm now a mum to a beautiful baby girl and although im not with her father im soo thankful for this amazing blessing! She's my absolute world (:

15 months ago i fell pregnant, and didn't even know about it until i was 19 weeks. I was scared at first but excited at the same time, in my head was this fantasy of what it'd be like having a baby.

Little did i know, when i told my partner at the time, he ended leaving me with-in hours after telling him, he even asked me to lie to others about it and say that we'd broken up before i told him. That hurt! To think you know everything about one person to looking at them and asking yourself, who are you? It's heartbreaking.

Of course i was guttered and it took a huge emotional toll on me for months, i tried to hide it from everyone but i told my sister and then everyone knew. Which helped. It was out there, people knew so they knew not to talk about him around me which was heart-warming.

Throughtout my pregnancy i forced myself to be strong. I forced myself to move on. I knew that if i was able to convince myself im capable without him, id believe it myself. And thats exactly what happened.

Im stronger than ever, im happy because of this little girl i call my baby. Im a single mum and a good one. I was put through something i would never ask for anyone else to go through because it's that's heartbreaking. And nobody deserves it.

I'm 18. I was pregnant at the age 17, gave birth 3 weeks after my 18th to a healthy gorgeous baby girl. Im happy.

If anything i just wanna say teen pregnancy is preventable, and im strongly not encouraging termination im encouraging pregnancy prevention because being a young mum is no fantasy. We see society going cray-cray about celeb-babies but reality compared to them are two complete different stories. You will be judged! You will be scrutinized. You will fill with emotions and tears, confusion and frustration. It's no fantasy

Juniper and Piper .

Hey , I'm Amandalyn I'm 17 and a mommy of 2! I had my first daughter. Named Juniper Brynnleigh when i just turned 15! And my second daughter Piper Kayleigh at 16!! My daughters daddy isn't in their life as much his mom take them for a few hrs on Friday. Juniper is 2 and Piper is 1. I graduated 6months earlier than my class and it was extremely hard with 2kids while your a kid yourself I literally never had any sleep . Relied on my mom for a lot yes I had a job through out my pregnancy both times and so I saved a lot of money but still my mommy helped a bunch! I've just started getting my sleep back with Juniper and piper sleeping through the night . Piper wakes 1nce for a bottle feed through tha night iam so blessed for my girls couldn't have had better ! My advice girls don't get pregnant especially having two kids there's so much to sacrafice for them so much to put on hold for your babies! GOODLUCK FROM ME JUNIPER AND PIPER..


15 and pregnant

Well, I just recently found out I'm six weeks pregnant and I'm also in foster care. I'm already starting to show and everybody knows. The whole school knows for Gods' sake. I'm having, I swear, ALL of the symptoms. I'm going to keep the baby, as now I am excited because I thought about it. I realize it's going to be extremely hard but what else could I do? I would never abort the baby or put him/her up for adoption. Also, I don't know who the dad is. Don't worry, I know my baby deserves to know who the father is, but i havent found out yet. I will soon though. My advice if you're pregnant, is don't be.


Paradise baby

I used to babysit for a family and became almost another daughter to them.
One day they announced that they were going on vacation to Fiji and would I like to come with them..I was so excited..had never been away like that before.
Finally the departure day came and we flew off to Fiji and settled into a beautiful resort near Lautoka, pool, play area for the children etc. just heaven. After 5 or 6 days the wife took ill ( she hadn't been well for sometime) and was admitted to Suva hospital..
I babysat the two little ones each day,sunbathed,and lived in and out of the pool while the father Paul travelled to and fro to Suva hospital to visit the wife.
On his return each night we would swim and lounge by the pool with a cool drink after the little ones were off to bed... it was real heaven.. the drinks were iced orange or pineapple juice with a very small amount of vodka...just lovely..
One night after relaxing as usual I went and showered and washed my hair... I was busy sitting in my nitee, using the hair drier when Paul came into the unit and offered to finish drying my hair and began to brush it for me... I have always just loved having my hair brushed..we had often flirted a bit back home at times and also here at the resort... it was all just a bit of fun. he teased me a lot and guess
I loved the attention...
Hair done , I finished up tidying around the unit and said good night and went off to bed and sleep...
Sometime during the night I awoke to find my nitee pulled up and Paul gently caressing my body.. I pushed him away and told him NO... he said ok and kissed me ran his hands over my boobs and left.. I was sure shocked at his behavour and lay there upset and worried.. finally went back to sleep.
In the morning I met him on my way to the bathroom ..he gave me a hug and said sorry about last night, said he shouldn't have done that but said he thought I would enjoy it.
later he left for Suva again and I settled into the day looking after the little ones.
On his return we were swimming in the pool again and lounging poolside as before, later I rinsed my hair and Paul dried it and brushed it for me again... as I stood up to go to the bathroom and bed he turned me around and gave me a huge hug and thanked me for looking after the children while his wife was still in hospital.. he then kissed me... this time it stirred something deep inside me like never before..after I came out of the toilet I was about to pass Paul in the hallway and he caught hold of me and kissed me again...wether it was the drinks or not but my legs began to melt and my whole body trembled and fluttered. we kissed again and some how ended up on his bed more kissing and fondling and we had sex together just seemed all a whirl.. swept up in a big mist of emotion.we slept together all night.
Next morning I was worried and told Paul so... he said he had the "kindly cut" after his second child was born and not to worry....
that night we became much more sexually adventurous... in the pool on the deck in the unit we couldn't get enough of each other.and so it went on for the next ten days until she was discharged from hospital and we all flew home.
Three weeks after we got home and I was back at school my period was due, it was late! it didn't come... I told Paul he said no way! another 26 days and no period.. god I knew I was pregnant.
all hell broke out!!! Paul denied it, blamed it on a young guy I used to swim with in the pool some time during the day etc... But I knew it was Paul's... in due time I became a teenage mother to a beautiful little girl I have named Paulette... I am a lot wiser now from a few nights of folly. should have had more sense but got totally swept away in the occasion.
Paul and his family moved away and I have a court order on him to pay for our daughter's up bringing until she is 16 yrs ( called maintenance in this country)



Hey im Melissa i just turned 15 Dec.26th iam going to make my long story a short story . I became pregnant on my 14th birthday had no idea what i was getting myself into went to all my appointments found out it was a boy on Aug.15th Al'x Messiah was born most precious baby boy ever 2 weeks later my baby boy wasn't being his little self he was breathing very fast coughing i assumed he was sick went to the doctors just to find out my baby boy had " whooping cough " ( pertussis ) that's what i had 5weeks before birth i assume it was a bad cough i had i knew nothing about it doctors said is extremly dangerous for new borns:( my baby boy also turned a lil blue and his body was swelling from all these liquid medicine they had gave he looked very different they couldn't give him anymore meds then they already have given him so at that point their was nothing no one can it broke my heart into shattered little pieces 2 days later my beautiful son passed away nd burrying my child at 14 was very very hard for me i broke up with his father right away cause he went to drugs after my son was born i hated myself extremly bad i started cutting myself i didn't wanna live anymore if my son wasn't there with me i miss the times i did have with him i enjoyed every single second of them ill give my one nd only life for my son i cry my eyes out everyday ill do ANYTHING i mean anything to have my sleepless nights back to hear my son cries to see his precious face to feel his chunky lil body to hold MY son in my arms for the rest of my life forever and ever. I think about my Al'x Messiah day and night.I can never ever get my little boy out of my head i hate his father badly but i love his father dearly also he gave me a beautiful angel who's now in heaven with the rest of the angels i go to church every Sunday to hope and pray my life gets better ive saved all of the stuff me and my family got for my son though he isn't here ill always have him in my heart he's close to me i feel it. And in the near far future when i do have more kids ill always always tell them about their angel brother and show them pictures of how beautiful this angel was iam not at all over my son and what had happend ill never forget til the day i die. I really hope all you girls are ready for whatever that may happen god bless you all.

# RIP baby boy mommy loves you so dearly i sleep with ur favorite teddy bear at night oh and ur mickeymouse outfit you were last in?? It sleeps in my bed every nite . I know ur only in a better place i know you'll be very proud of mommy . <3 <3 I LOVE YOU BABYBOY : I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'LL BE ONE ON AUGEST 15th my lil angel baby .
8.15.12-9.1.12 rest in paradise AL'X MESSIAH CORTEZ!


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