First Trimester

Trying to get pregnant is an exciting time in a woman's life, but it isn't always easy. From counting menstrual cycles to buying countless pregnancy tests, getting pregnant is often an experience in and of itself. We want to hear about all of your experiences, from your first pregnancy test right up to your first pregnancy symptoms. And feel free to share your conception secrets with other hopeful couples!

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Pregnant in China

I just found out that I'm pregnant. My fiance and I planned on getting married in December, and have been having unprotected sex for about five months, although trying to time things as to not get pregnant. I'm American but I live in China and run a school here, and my fiance is Chinese

Anyhow, my period was late by a few days, but it is usually fairly regular. My breasts have been tender, but this happens to me before my period too, so I wasn't too worried. I decided to take a home pregnancy test today anyhow (they're pretty cheap here, only about 1dollar, but they're just the same as the ones back home), and it came up positive.

I'm going to tell my fiance later today -- he doesn't know yet, but he's been talking about having a baby for a few months and is pretty keen on becoming a father. I'm 26 and he's 33 and we both have decent jobs here in China, so even though it wasn't exactly planned, it's still a happy occasion. I'm a little bit worried about being pregnant and giving birth in this country, but then again, China has a huge population, so they must be doing ok in the birthing department :)

I think I must be about three or four weeks along. According to my research online, I'll be due on March 28th, which is actually my younger brother's birthday, how cool!


First Go!

My husband and I have been married five years. I'm 31 and he's 35. We decided to start trying to conceive. I thought it would take a few months...That's what doctors normally predict. But first go and we were pregnant! I knew even before I missed my period. My breasts were huge and sore and my stomach felt bloated and a bit achey. I didn't say anything because I thought I'd wait until my period was missed to do a test. So, about three days after my period was due I took a test. Sure enough...two pink lines. I remember just standing there staring at the test with all these different emotions washing over me...shock, excitement mixed in with a bit of fear. I went to tell my husband, but I couldn't speak. I just passed him the test. He was in shock too. He just kept saying "Wow!" and then said he felt like he knew it was all going to happen quickly.

Anyway, now I'm 9 weeks along and very excited. I've been a bit nauseas, but I've only vomited once and that was when we were eating this really soft fish for dinner. I've been amazed by my sense of smell. When I go to a cycle class at the gym, I have to sit near the door so that I'm not overwhelmed by the smell of everyone's sweat. And perfumes smell so strong that I can't wear any at the moment.

We've only told a few close friends and my husband's Mum. One of our friends calls my husband supersperm!!! I think he secretly likes the nickname!!


Monica Wright

Excited & Scared

When I found out I was pregnant (I am two months now) I was sooooooo excited (I am still excited) but I was spotting and was confused cause the Doctor said everythings is fine with the baby but it could be a miscarriage so I pray to GOD everyday to bless this baby because this is a miracle baby, (Thanks DADDY, R.I.P.) I truly believe my dad has bless me with this baby, but I am so very happy and I cannot wait until the baby is born (Expected due date Feb 14th a love baby LOL) but I am going to try to be the best mom....



I just found out that I am pregnant as well. I have cramping on one side, and am only about 3 weeks along. This is my first pregancy and do not know what is normal


cramping in first trimester

I had a miscarriage on 6/6/06 and had to have a d&c. I become pregnant 2 wks after the d&c i am now 4 wks pregnant. i have been having bad cramps in my stomach and back. I have not been bleeding though. I have some diarrhea almost everyday. could this be a sign of miscarriage again?


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