First Trimester

Trying to get pregnant is an exciting time in a woman's life, but it isn't always easy. From counting menstrual cycles to buying countless pregnancy tests, getting pregnant is often an experience in and of itself. We want to hear about all of your experiences, from your first pregnancy test right up to your first pregnancy symptoms. And feel free to share your conception secrets with other hopeful couples!

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8 weeks

I just found out that I was 8 weeks pregnant last week me and mi bay was stunned about the news.... but I went to the doctor yesterday they say that I could be threating a miscarriage but the worst was seeing mi baby on the ultrasound and seeing mi baby heartbeat everything feel unreal so now I have to wait until tuesday to find out if she/he going to make it :(


finally happy

Hi I have been trying for my baby for a 6 months I have been married for 8 months and I thought it could never happen I would get excited every month waiting for the test result and each time I would get a negative test result after a while I stopped trying and would just have fun with my husband about 2 weeks after my last period I think I got pregnant burning didn't find out until I was 2 months old I was surprised and happy when I told everyone they were crying I just wanted to share


17 and pregnant

i am 17 year old, and pregnant with my first child. when i found out i was pregnant, i was scared out of my mind and i was by my self, and when i saw the test and it said pregnant i took a pic of it and sent it to the babys father. yes i was not shocked when he started to freak out, i was still in shock and i didnt know what to say or do other then tell him. and he was at work at the time when i sent him the text. and he texted me and said "i will call you when i am done work." and i was waitting a good hour, till he called me he new i was the only one i was sleeping with. but wen he called he said are you sure, i said yes and he said well when was ur perido going to start i tolled him almost 2 weeks ago and i didnt think much about it. and he said is there anything else to tell u that ur pregnant and i said yes i never get nosie bleeds and got 2 of them in one day. and he was like oh ok and we were on the phone for 2 hours talking about it and then he said i cant do this i am just startring college and he was in med school and all and i said i kno but i am stilll in high school . and we didnt talk for a week and me while i had to tell my mom and i tolled her the next day in a text she called me after she got the text and said ok we need to make a dr appt and so claim and all and she tolled me when i got home that its ok its done we cant do anything about it now and she was a little exited at the time but it turned out all ok i got blood work to make sure i was preg and i was and i am 11 weeks preg today 5/15/12 and i am starteing to get exited for my child to come and i will find out if its a girl or boy in 2 months and thanks fro reading this


16 and Pregnant

I am currently 8 months off being 16, and I am in a horrible state of mind. I have always been the type of person to go out and drink with my friends and go to parties and what not.. And have always been able to control my drinking and not do anything too stupid. But I went to a party around about 2 months ago.. and I drank my drinks way to quick. I passed out on my boyfriend beside a fire, was not responding, and fell into a fire when my friends tried to move me away from it. I was carried to bed by a few friends, and passed out for 6 entire hours. Since that party, I have not had my period at all. I've done my research and I am showing many signs of pregnancy. I spoke to my bestfriend and my boyfriend, they were both shocked. My boyfriend told me that no matter what my decision he will always be there for me and will be a father to the child, although it is not his child. I asked everybody at the party who was in the room in the duration of time that I was passed out for.. and I kind of have a feeling it was one of my closest friends, Justin. I have everything going for me at school. I am an OP student, I want to go to UNI, I am undergoing a Certificate II in Child Care Services in TAFE, and my grades are pretty good. I'm scared I am about to lose any chance I have in future, as I wish to not terminate my baby. I told my mother and she is shattered. She wont be around for any of the pregnancy as she is getting sentenced to jail, so I'll be moving into my bestfriends place. I blame nobody else but myself for this occuring, and I am not going to take it out on this child. I am going to turn my life around, get a job, take up home schooling and change for the better. Time to mature up. This baby is going to rely on me. I'm just so thankful I have such an amazing boyfriend that is ready to put his life on hold and support me completely..


Lost in His Blue Eyes

I don't know what exactly to say but today on April 2nd 2012, I had unprotected sex with the guy of my dreams. No we aren't dating, no he didn't take away my virginity. I'm 16 and he's older than me, but I've had a crush on him since I was in the seventh grade. It was unprotected sex, and I'm scared. I don't want a baby, but if it's his I'd do anything for it. He's all I've ever wanted, and I had to go say I was on the pill. What a lie, I screwed up and I'm scared. I love him, but he doesn't love me.


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