First Trimester

Trying to get pregnant is an exciting time in a woman's life, but it isn't always easy. From counting menstrual cycles to buying countless pregnancy tests, getting pregnant is often an experience in and of itself. We want to hear about all of your experiences, from your first pregnancy test right up to your first pregnancy symptoms. And feel free to share your conception secrets with other hopeful couples!

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I recently found out I was pregnant. I have been with my boyfriend almost 5 months, (for someone my age thats a long time!) we have been trying for a baby but have been unsuccessful and it really got to me.. We thought of going to the doctors and checking everything was working properly, but we gave it one last chance and this time.. it worked! I had gone to McDonalds with a friend for some dinner because I was starving! Then I decided to do the pregnancy test I'd bought.. Classy I know, but I was desperate to find out. Then the little pink cross popped up, I burst out of the toilet in pure disbelief. I had been having 'symptoms' for ages by now but was to nervous for a test. I did it there and then because I felt ready. I revealed it to my friend who looked more shocked than anything! Well I am sixteen and 8 weeks pregnant!! I told the father and he just hugged me + called me 'mummy'. It was then that I realised this baby inside me couldn't be loved more. Despite what people's views on teenage parents are, I think we will have a nice happy little family. Our parents don't know as we're waiting for the right way and the right time.. I'm currently looking for employment and my boyfriend is going to college, we're not using this as an excuse to get out of work, we have just finished high school, we want to do all we can to help the upbringing of our baby, the best a baby can have.

Big surprise

Hi ladies, First i want to say Congratulations!!! for all mothers to be. About two weeks ago I found out i was pregnant. Unsure really how far along i am but im guessign one month or so.. Its very funy tho because i was taking birth control. Since ijust recently got married 4 months ago... I know we wanted children but later in the future since im 22yrs of age i wanted to stil have a bit more fun goign out with my hubby, And i did not have any signs that made me believe i was pre my hubby knew i guess lol he made me get a pre test done wich came possitive LOL!!! Weird to me cause like i said i was taking BC. Eventhough it ws not planned i feel very blessed that god decided to make me a mother. I wish for a girl lol but all that matters is that boy or girl is comes out all healthy. I have some cramping but no morning sickness. Lets just hope it stays that way lol!!! Thank you for reading my story. Good luck ladies!!!! remember mornign sickness and labor pain IS WORTH IT!!!!


im afraid of........

this is my 3rd pregnancy and hoping that this time will be ok, bec ive xperence of 2x misscarriage. this time is very diffrent i dont have bleeding, only backpain,legs cramping.and some symtoms of a pregnant women. tommorow is my 1st cheack up and hoping that it will be alright, im afraid to loose my baby again! baby is very precious for us...plsss pray for me!


Doc said no, I knew I was..finally a YES!

For several weeks I felt my body change drastically. I couldnt eat anything without getting massive heartburn and bloating. I was always tired and emotional. My focus in anything began changing...which makes driving a little scary. My boyfriend would touch my breasts and without even thinking I would swat his hand away because the were tender and very sensitive. I started getting nauseated at random times throughout the day and dizzy spells from just walking. I feel winded a lot and my heart races for any little activity. So anyway, I knew deep down that I was pregnant but I wanted to be sure so I bought three pregnancy test and they had a very faint positive line. My friend suggested taking another one in the morning as soon as I wake up to pee. Well normally I can go all night without having to go and hardly go throughout the day and lately I have been going every two hours or so like clockwork. Anyway, so I took two on Thursday and they had faint lines so I decided to take the third one Friday morning and again it had a faint but slightly darker faint line. This can be frustrating because I literally staired at the stick for a very long time that I felt like I might be making the result up in my head. So sick of not knowing for sure I went to a 24 hour grocery store and bought a digital test (First response Gold). Came home and of course and as soon as I got home I had to go perfect right? lol Anyway, I took the digital and it said yes+. That same morning I had mild spotting mixed with a clear discharge. This made my boyfriend and I nervous so we decided it would be a good idea to see a physician. The doctor gave me a urine test and told me it came back negative...of course there were three other tests with mine in the bathroom so I wasn't very convinced with her results. I honestly deep inside just knew that I was pregnant. So she sent me to get blood work and I was not going to get the result till MONDAY!!! Thats way too long...but we decided to wait. When I got home I couldnt wait and rushed to the drug store to buy yet another digital test....that one said pregnant. So I am do 5 tests mess up results...? I am figuring these people are stupid...and I am mad that I paid them to screw up my test. Anyway, I started spotting more Friday evening and today so I decided to go to the emergency room. After a urine test and pelvic exam they decided I am probably about 8 weeks pregnant. I am very excited and so is my boyfriend.


15 and pregnant

Im 15 years old. i started seeing my current boyfriend {also my baby's father} when i was 13 and he was soon to be 13. we fell in love right away. now two years later i am pregnant. i am very fortunate because he supports me and supports the idea that i am having his child. we are very excited. if it is a boy he will be named after his father, and if it is a girl she will be named Aalyciana Savannah. although i am happy about my situation, if i could of stopped it from happening until later in like i would. but god does everything for a reason and never gives you something you cannot handle.


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