First Trimester

Trying to get pregnant is an exciting time in a woman's life, but it isn't always easy. From counting menstrual cycles to buying countless pregnancy tests, getting pregnant is often an experience in and of itself. We want to hear about all of your experiences, from your first pregnancy test right up to your first pregnancy symptoms. And feel free to share your conception secrets with other hopeful couples!

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we were told we could never have kids

My partner was told that he could never have children. All my like I have dreamed of having a little baby to love cuddle n' fuss over. When we got together and I found out I wouldn't have the chance we were crushed. Last month I missed my period. This raised alarms as I am always on time to the hour! I took a test after 1 week late...negative! I left it another 4 days and took it again...negative. By this point I was feeling sick all the time and couldn't stay awake for more that 2 hours at a time. I was cranky and moody. I took a final test to make sure...positive! I am now having my 1st baby. I'm having quite a good 1st trimester but can't touch coffee white chocolate and potato...the things I love, lol. I am going for my first scan soon and can't wait to see my gorgeous little baby. I'm not religious but MIRACLE??? He was 100% no chance of a child...but here I am with his baby.

Good luck to you all xx



I am 25 and pregnant with my second angel. I am about 12 weeks into this pregnancy and it feels a lot worse than my first one. I get morning sickness a lot more than I did with my son. It's crazy! People say that means this one will be a girl then. We will see. I just hope the sickness leaves after the first trimester like they say it does and hope labor part goes as easy as my first. 4 hours!!! Wish me Luck!!!


First Trimester Anxiety Attack!!!!

Please share with me...if you have a similar story because I think I'm going crazy!

Two weeks ago we found out we're expecting baby #2, after a miscarriage this past January, 2007. It started with minor cramps, prickly feeling and warmness around abdominal area while I nervously drove to Seattle (to meet up w/ my husband so we can make our way to Canada) for Christmas w/ my in-laws. Asleep in the back of my SUV was my 1 1/2 year old girl . I didn't want her to see me freak out so I tried not to make a big deal of out it. I know the importance of Christmas and wanted her to be in the company of her grandparents, whom we see annually. Besides, my mother-in-law had just gotten out of the hospital and thought it was best to keep quiet. The "activities" around my abdominal area lasted for two weeks, in which my OB told me it was normal. The day after Christmas we did a 10-hr drive home to go see my doctor but we were too late. I miscarried @ 6 weeks. The ordeal took a month to complete but I'll skip all the pain not to mention blood so we can fast forward to the present day -

Starting the last week of September, 2007 I felt a little warmness w/ minor cramps and knew this was a sign of a period coming my way and I was so excited because this is it - we are going to try again finally! I had 3 healthy periods (after having been off the pill) and this pregnancy is going to be perfect! I needed this one last period.

I got on my hands and knees to pray before taking a home test 4 days after having missed my period and it was positive! My OB confirmed it w/ a blood test and I even had my first ultrasound @ 6 weeks. I was told everything is fine but will need to come back for another ultrasound in 10 days to get the heartbeat and see more of baby. My ultrasound is 4 days away and waiting is driving me crazy!

If all is well, why is my tummy STILL having all these "activities"? It's present ONLY when I'm awake and being off my feet doesn't help either. It hasn't stopped since I was expecting this last period and I'm forced to remember the nightmare from Christmas. What's weird is I don't have morning sickness, cravings nor increase in appetite! Shouldn't I have AT LEAST ONE of these symptoms for a healthy pregnancy?


Omg the blood!

I was nine days late for my period so I took an at home test and it said negative. The day after I took the test I got my period and it lasted for about seven days. Usually it only lasts for five but I didnít really think anything of it. It stopped for only a day and then started again for another seven days, by this time I was getting a little worried.

Well with in the seven days, I had to get x-rays because that day that my period had stopped I was playing football in a mud bowl for a bar. Well my team was bare foot and the other team wore cleats, and my foot got stepped on and I thought I had broken my foot. But I didnít go to the dr. until two days later, which I had then started my period two days before. And the dr asked me if I was pregnant and I said no I'm on my period. Well then at the end of the week my period had stopped for three days and now has started again.

I took a pregnancy test twice and both times it was positive. So I right away called my dr. office and the receptionist was very rude and made me cry and she couldnít get me in till another two weeks. I was very upset. Then I had gotten off the phone with her and a nurse had then called me back and said she would get me in by Monday. To find out about the bleeding she said it may be a miscarriage but they still want me to take the vitamins. I really hope that itís not a miscarriage. Iím already showing I have no idea how far along I am or anything. I can smell everything I feel like a search dog. I havenít gotten sick at all yet just really moody. All I do is yell at my husband and then say Iím sorry and cry all the sucks! And I know he is getting frustrated with me. But I canít help it.

Katie Jo

Morning sickness

Hi everyone congratulations to all. This has been quite a journey for me after almost 9 years Iím pregnant again with my second and this time around Iím soooooooo sick I hate feeling this way I donít have any motivation and everything and everyone around sticks loll seriously though anyone feeling sick and uhkey????


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