First Trimester

Trying to get pregnant is an exciting time in a woman's life, but it isn't always easy. From counting menstrual cycles to buying countless pregnancy tests, getting pregnant is often an experience in and of itself. We want to hear about all of your experiences, from your first pregnancy test right up to your first pregnancy symptoms. And feel free to share your conception secrets with other hopeful couples!

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My Baby

I just found out I am 6 weeks pregnant going to 7 weeks. I told my boyfriend and he is not so happy about it b/c he has a baby boy already with somebody else. I told him I could bear the child without his assistance.

It hurts me a lot that he was disappointed b/c I always wanted to have a baby b/c I love kids so much. I even love his other baby as if heís my own.

I'm worried about my baby b/c I am anemic and I am under weight for my age.
The doctor said I have to be very careful and I need to really take care of my health b/c my baby maybe at a risk. I'm very happy right now and Iím willing to have the baby even though my bf doesnít agree.



I'm seventeen years old and newly wed. My husband and I have been practicing the rhythm method but apparently we were off by a couple of days! We suspected that we were pregnant right away, but even after my period was late we were still showing negative. Meanwhile, my appetite increased, my breasts became more tender and sensitive, and my moods swung like a pendulum. We decided to try one more test, just to be sure that we were negative.

We were positive. At first, we were in total shock and disbelief. But, looking back on what I thought were pre-menstrual symptoms, it was pretty obvious what was really going on. I'm a month pregnant, and I hope it's a girl!


My baby, my lifesaver!

A few months ago my whole world changed. I'm 23 and at first I thought I was getting ready for my period. I had all the classic symptoms, cramps, boobs hurting, and tiredness. My mom told me I should take a pregnancy test just to rule it out. So I bought a home pregnancy test and had to sneak over to my mom's to take it (I didn't want my boyfriend of 2 yrs to know unless I was sure).

So, I took the test and no sooner did I dip the stick that it showed a strong positive sign. I was in such disbelief that I went to my local hospital and they did a blood test and sure enough, I was 6 wks pregnant!

Well, a week later after finding out, I was on my way home from taking my boyfriend to work. By then I had told him and he was happy. Well, I started to get these pains on my one side and I right away thought "oh's the pregnancy!" So I went to the ER and they did an ultrasound, found the baby in the right spot and heard the heart beat...a strong 150!

I was so relieved until I found out that they were taking me to ICU because I was bleeding internally from a cyst that ruptured on my one kidney. The doctor told me that it was a good thing I got to the hospital when I did because a few more hours and I would have been dead.

Long story short, they ended up operating on me after 3 blood transfusions and endless attempts to stop the bleeding. The doctors were sure I would miscarry and were trying to prepare me for the worse. I was just too early in for the baby to survive they thought. Well, God had other plans!! And as always...He has the final say!!!

So, here I sit... 15 weeks pregnant, recovered from my surgery and carrying a healthy, growing baby! If I hadn't known I was pregnant that day I had the pain, I would have gone home, laid down and died within hours from internal bleeding. My baby saved my life!!! I can't wait till the day I can share this story with my baby. He/She was truly meant to be on this earth now!!! There's no doubt that my baby is a strong fighter that refused to give up while his/her mommy went through a life or death surgery. My baby isn't just another child. He/she is a miracle! The doctors said my baby wouldn't make it but God said other wise!!!! God bless you and your little ones!


Uh Oh

Iím 19 years old. Getting pregnant was the last thing I had expected to happen. My boyfriend and I had been seeing each other for two years and had decided to move in together I lived in New York and LOVED living there. He had recently moved to North Carolina and we had decided that even thought I loved my home and my family I would make the move for the sake of us.

I left in the beginning of May 2007. I didnít think much of it when I skipped my period in June I felt fine and I figured that because of the move it was late. Besides my boyfriend and I had gone two years without using protection and I had never gotten pregnant we figured one of wasnít able too or we just werenít chemically compatible WRONG-O!

After having severe pains that I believed were signs of my period coming for four weeks we decided to go to the hospital. They wouldnít allow him in the room as they checked me so when they came in and told me I was pregnant I knew it was an uh oh. I walked out into the waiting room in a gown with an i.v in me and asked him to come back. As we walked back he asked: ďAre you okay? Whatís wrong?Ē I told him I was pregnant and he didnít say anything.

The doctors gave me an ultrasound and we heard the heartbeat. Loud and clear. I was 6 weeks and 3 days pregnant. He turned and looked at me and told me you canít keep it. After 3 days of fighting I packed my things and came back to New York.

I am now almost 3 months pregnant and I plan on keeping the baby. I'm working hard to be able to support this baby on my own. Iím excited and terrified at the same time about the labor and having to go through it by myselfÖ but I think itíll all be worth it.



Last week my boobs were killing me and my period was late, so I decided to take a pregnancy test on Sunday, which confirmed that I am pregnant.

I have so many emotions going around that I donít know what to do! While I canít sleep at night, my husband is out cold and I donít know who I could talk to.

I am elated but also scared. Hormones suck!


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