First Trimester

Trying to get pregnant is an exciting time in a woman's life, but it isn't always easy. From counting menstrual cycles to buying countless pregnancy tests, getting pregnant is often an experience in and of itself. We want to hear about all of your experiences, from your first pregnancy test right up to your first pregnancy symptoms. And feel free to share your conception secrets with other hopeful couples!

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So excited

Im 19 years old and pregnant for the second time. My first pregnancy was when I was 17, I chose to abort it as the environment and relationship I was in was hugely unsuitable for a child. Having an abortion was the biggest mistake in my life, nothing can compare to the emotional pain you feel and the guilt knowing youíve ended your own childís life.

This time Iím engaged to a much better guy, and the thought never passed my mind to abort. I found out when I was 4 weeks, and about 1 week later the morning sickness begun, it was unrelenting all day every day, until I hit 8 and 9 weeks in which I was loosing far too much weight so was put on medication. Iím just ending my 12th week now and it seems to be easing up, for the last few weeks my breasts have grown enormous and are very tender, my tummy is quite prominent now too.

I have my first scan tomorrow, Iím so excited I canít wait.

1st time lucky

My partner and I thought about trying for another baby, I came off the pill in April. Thinking it would take at least 2-6 months to become pregnant, needless to say I must of fell pregnant within a couple of days of trying.

I am now about 9 or 10 weeks pregnant I couldnít believe how quick it happened. I am very excited but so so tired!!


7 1/2 wks

I got pregnant on the first 'try' and am at 7.5 weeks today. Not sure if anyone else has felt this, too, but for me (and for my husband, I think), it hasn't sunk in yet. I was expecting it would take a few tries, but as it turned out, I checked the day after I was supposed to have my period, and voila, it was positive.

I took 4 home tests at different times of day over 2 days and got a positive result each time! Perhaps it's the fear of miscarrying that is preventing us from getting too excited about it? I haven't told my employer or anyone else yet, of course--other than my mom and a close friend who had her first baby this February and is kind enough to listen to my blow-by-blow.

I saw my doc. at 5 weeks and the ultrasound revealed a little tiny dot. No heartbeat at that point. However, she's stopped doing OB anymore and was a little distant, I thought. Anyway, not to ramble on here, but other than immense fatigue and the off and on queasiness, I don't feel any symptoms.

Sometimes I wonder if I am imagining the whole thing!

Yi Hwa

6 weeks!

My story is unusual, but here goes... I wrote here before earlier... when I was thinking I was pregnant and worried I wasnít...well I AM! Iím 6 weeks TODAY!! But now I will tell you guys how it all started...

I hadnít had my period and I was getting a little worried. I had all the signs but no period in sight. I took a test on the 4th day of the missed period. Negative. Then two days later... negative. The next day... again... NEGATIVE... I had an appointment at the doctor on that Monday. He also made me take a urine test so I did... negative... he had also had me a blood test.

The next three days in waiting were awful. I was starting to think I wasnít pregnant after all. Then the call came. It was my doctor...the blood test had come out positive!!! I was at that time 5 weeks!! I went in to see him yesterday (21st June) and discussed everything.

Now Iím worried bout miscarrying and all that.... because this is my first pregnancy. Unplanned.... Iím married and my husband couldnít be happier :) heís bought little baby shoes and socks... heís just adorable.... I hope this pregnancy goes well... I REALLY do :)


2nd time lucky?

I am 8 and a half weeks pregnant but constantly worrying about miscarriage.

I miscarried 4 months ago at 6 weeks 2 days and it was a really bad time in my life but i had a very supportive boyfriend who pulled me through. The loss was so great I desperately longed for another baby and within 2 months I was pregnant again.

So far its going well; I've had slight cramping but this is normal and no morning sickness so far either, although I have been ill with constant cold coughs and dizziness. I am not showing as yet but hoping as days go on it looks more promising.

I have a midwife app this week so pray for me, i am hoping i get to hear my baby's heartbeat just to reassure me its here.

Don't ever give up hope even if its hard i am praying all the time for that 12th week mark.


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