First Trimester

Trying to get pregnant is an exciting time in a woman's life, but it isn't always easy. From counting menstrual cycles to buying countless pregnancy tests, getting pregnant is often an experience in and of itself. We want to hear about all of your experiences, from your first pregnancy test right up to your first pregnancy symptoms. And feel free to share your conception secrets with other hopeful couples!

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Hooray! Im Pregnant

Hi. I found out on the 20/12/06 that I was 7 weeks pregnant. I first did a home pregnancy test and then when the result showed positive, I visited a doctor. I was elated to see the little baby's heart beat and to find out that the baby is only 3.9mm long! I have had no symptoms at all, except for having sore and enlarged breasts. . .

Nevertheless this is amazing! Only God gives life, so my advice to couples out there is that falling pregnant is a huge bounty. Appreciate it!


Hopefully this time..

I got married in August 2005 and my husband and I decided to travel a bit more until we decided to have a family. I am 33 years old and in January this year I came off the pill. I had terrible period and ovulation pains which my GP said may have been masked by the pill which I had been on for many years. I was having these terrible pains when I decided that I need to see a specialist. There was a concern that I had endometriosis.

I was sitting in the specialist's office when she said she would do a routine pregnancy test. She came back and to our was positive! However we could not even get excited as the GP was concerned about the pain still. It continued for many days and my HCG levels weren't rising as fact, they were only going up 200-300MIU every few days. It wasn't looking good. This was my first pregnancy and from finding out I was pregnant one Wed to being told to go home and wait for the miscarriage the next Wed was an emotional rollercoaster.

Knowing that I was only 5 weeks or so was the only consolation. It may have been what they call a biochemical pregnancy. The ultrasound did not show anything. I did find the following week quiet difficult as the drop in hormones did affect me a bit and I was a bit teary. I did miscarry 4 days later, which seemed a lifetime when you just want to move on. The hardest part for me is that my cycles didn't get back to normal for about 5-6 months.

I have recently been having terrible back and stomach pains again and thought...oh it's just my period! I did a test on Sat and it's positive, but the pains are still there like last time. I am very anxious as I don't want to go through this all again but I guess whatever is meant to be will be. My HCG levels two days ago were 470 and two days later they were 1085 which is encouraging.

I think I am only 5 weeks but the docs have not ruled out ectopic because of the pain and the ultrasound doesn't show anything. It's a week before Christmas and let's hopes this baby is ok.


Happy but yet WORRIED!

I am only 16 yrs old and about a week and a half ago I found I was pregnant. I kind of knew already because my period hadn't came for about two weeks and a half so while at work on my break I went to target to buy a test. I went to the bathroom right after I bought them and sure enough the test came out positive so the first thing I did was call my boyfriend and tell him about it. He was confused at the time and didn't really believe me so when he came home I showed him the test and then he believed me and he was happy.

So we both wanted to tell our parents but just didn't know how. He ended up telling his mom the next day and I think she was upset at first but now she seems more excited and the same happened for my mother. Now I have been waiting to go to my first ob and I can't wait because I don't want anything more but to make sure my baby is healthy and still there. I have been reading books that have scared me with the things that can go wrong in a pregnancy. I mean I try not to think of it but I'm just one of those girls who worry a lot even though I try not to. This is my first pregnancy and maybe I'm overreacting a little but I'd rather be safer then sorry I guess.

A lot of things have gone wrong in my life and my pregnancy is NOT going to be one of them. I am about 8 weeks and all of my friends already know, they just want be to get big because they want to see what I would look like because they're so used to seeing me skinny.

My boyfriend is very supportive and can't wait till I get bigger and he also can't wait till we find out the gender. I can't wait to go shopping for the baby's things. Well I don't think I have anything else to say, but I hope I get better about the worrying thing.


so tired, so sick, and oh so emotional

Hello...well here I am pregnant again. I have 2 daughters, one is 9 and the other is 14 months. I am excited about this baby. I am praying that it is the boy that I have dreamed of having. I have had my fair share of scares this pregnancy. At 9 wks I was taken to the emergency room, where after waiting for hours was told by the doctor that I was hemorrhaging in my uterus.

I was an emotional wreck; they prescribed me pain medicine and then sent me home and put me on bed rest until I had a follow up visit with my regular ob/gyn. I was very nervous because I have lost 2 babies before, one to a miscarriage and one to a tubal pregnancy. My fiancée was scared for me to do anything so I sent the kids to their grandparent's house so I could get some needed rest.

Well now I am in my 11th week and I feel ok. Now I am battling with awful nausea, tiredness, and feeling like a train just ran over me. I want to cry at the drop of a dime and, as my fiancée says, I am snappy at everyone and everything. I will be so happy when this passes.


I'm Pregnant!!

I just knew that I was pregnant. I hadn't had my period in a whole month and 4 days. I can't tell you how many tests I had bought previously, but let's just say for awhile I was broke. In the beginning the test said negative.

So I decided to wait to take one and since I never got my period I was sure I was going to wait. My boyfriend knew I was but never said anything. So I waited and took a digital test and it said PREGNANT!!!!! Our whole outlook on life has change and I am happy!!! We are expecting in July 2007.


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