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Giving birth is the most momentous part of pregnancy, and involves a lot of hard work, energy, and emotion. Whether you opted for natural childbirth or an epidural, tell us how your pregnancy progressed. Did you give birth at home or in hospital? Was it complication-free or was baby a little more stubborn? And, of course, how does it feel to have a new addition to your family? Help other women prepare for their birthing experience by telling us your story

And feel free to mention details of your baby's life like the type of baby bedding sets you chose for your nursery.

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embarazo despues de 10 años

Hola, me embaraze despues de 10 años de casada, mediante una fecundaciòn invitro, aunque fue programada mi cesarea, tuve contracciones en la semana 36,5, mi bebe ya estaba muy grande, y al parecer se podia ovitar si no lo sacaban. todo fue muy controlado desde el principio. Lo que quiero contar que fue un niño muy deseado y esperado, pero tuve desde el principio hiperhemèsis gravìdica, por lo que la pase muy mal, al no comer absolutaente nada, todo el tiempo tuve mucho miedo de perder al bebe, o que naciera con alguna complicacion, desnutricion, etc, por la falta de nutritientes que nunca recibio, ni vitaminas tome porque no toleraba nada. He leìdo mucho acerca de que la hiperhemèsis la mayoria de veces es algo psicològico, por rechazo al bebe, lo cual en mi propia experiencia creo que no es verdad, porque fue un bebe muy deseado, y he visto recien nacidos que nacen desnutridos, porque al parecer la madre no se alimento bien, en mi caso yo no toleraba en ocasiones ni el agua, hasta la semana 35 que me di cuenta que toleraba pan bimbo blanco y leche de sabor, era lo que empeze a comer y fue muy poco, mi bebe nacio muy bien con un peso de 2,765 kg. en perfectas condiciones, aunque yo seguia con nauseas un poco de vòmito, En la actualidad mi niño tiene 7 años, es muy inteligente, va bien en la escuela, aunque es un poco inquieto.

gloria castillo

Preeclampsia and Epidurals

I went in for a checkup with my OBGYN and she had me admitted to the hospital because my pressure was way too high (preeclampsia).

From the moment the nurse attempted to insert the IV into my arm is where everything went downhill. I was given medicine that would make my pressure come down, but it made me feel like a bear was kitting on my chest and it made by scalp tingle. Oh and it also made me hot as heck, like sweat was pouring off of me.

The doc was concerned that my pressure was not going down to where it needed to be so she stated that she would induce me. She stuck a strip of medicine in my nether regions and it melted and initiated contractions (I will come back to this word).

Once you been induced, they have to check your progress. Now, I've read many birthing stories and I did not realize that when the docs check you to see if your dilating, that this is not like a Pap smear. It hurts like heck - really bad! I'm sure my pressure would go up Everytime the doc came to check me.

She then realized that I wasn't dilating and my pressure was not decreasing. This is where Mr. Contractions comes in. Basically for me they felt like really bad menstral cramps - until they get into your back. After a few if those strong suckers, I was ringing the bell for my epidural.

Epidurals, they hurt so good! Lol! All that jazz about you'll feel a little pressure - Nope! It feels like what it is, a needle being stuck in your back. It stings and is very uncomfortable. And then you go numb below your navel.

It's not a good feeling. You feel paralyzed -scary!

So since my pressure wouldn't go down I had to have a c-section. It wasn't bad. I felt nothing, but a little tugging and they let you rest. Then after like a few hours, they make you get up and walk.

Dear sweet baby Jesus! It's the worst. It feels like something is gonna fall out.

The night after your delivery your body does this weird thing where you sweat like heck and leak crazy amount of milk.

I felt like a science project and you will be afraid to poop for a long time. But it's worth it!


Say no to epidurals!

I've had 5 babies and am pregnant with #6. I researched pain management during labor before my first child, and I decided to have them all natural! I would recommend doing it this way versus having an epidural for a few reasons: 1. epidural increases the risk of having to have a C-section. 2. epidurals can cause paralysis if inserted incorrectly. 3. you have to use a catheter to use the restroom. 4. moving around helps labor progress, but with an epidural, you have to stay stationary. 5. I tried hard to only put things into my body that were healthy for me and my baby my entire pregnancy so why stop now?!!!
All my babies came out healthy, happy, and quickly! My recommendation for pain management during labor is taking a Lamaze class prior to your due date.


Placental Abruption

Sitting down to the soaps with my parents at 7 pm I felt a pop between my legs. My Due Date was four days away but as I felt liquid trickle from between my legs I was sure it was my waters! I'd gone for a 1 mile walk up a steep hill - all I could manage with my bump! I'd had a bath and gone to my room at my mums to have a rest. This was between 5&6pm.
I ran to the bathroom hoping that I wouldn't leak over the carpet my mum had gotten in her hall three days before!
When I was safely in the bathroom I had a wee talk to myself to calm myself down!
I had a shower, noticed that I was bleeding so used a sanitary towel and got dressed in some clean pyjamas and went outside. I heard my brother's playing pool in the shed and barefoot went to join them.
They asked what I was doing in September walking around in pj's and no socks or shoes. I told them I was in labour and left. I don't think any of us fully believed it. I went inside and made myself some tea. Sitting at the table I heard a pop again. This time I knew I couldn't wait it out at home so called my Mum. She told me to stand up and when I did blood filled with large clots landed on the floor!
Well my Mum nearly had a heart attack!
She ushered me back into the shower and told my Dad to go out to the shed - he didn't mind once he'd seen what happened. I think he was glad to get out of it!!
My Mum phoned the hospital and told them what was happening and they told her they didn't want to see me until at least 10.30pm because they were so busy. This was at 7.30. I told her to stress to them that my waters had broken but got the same response.
I called Jonathan, the baby's Daddy to make his way to me.
The next two hours passed with the phone ringing constantly with my family wanting to know what was happening, me getting in and out of the shower and being sick. It was horrible. The contractions were getting stronger with each that passed.
But I felt so calm and in control. The only thing that bothered me was that I hadn't smoked since conceiving (or very soon after) and I had massive cravings. But fighting that craving helped me to forget that I was in labour.
I waited for my sister Grace to come and take me to the hospital but she couldn't get out of work until 10pm. My other sister Kate appeared and decided at 9.30 that I needed to get ready to go. At this point I was dizzy and shaking. Shock had started to set in and my Mum wrapped my blanket around me and gave me sips of water. She mentioned phoning an ambulance when Grace rang to say the boss had let her go.
She finally arrived at 10.30pm - they all helped to get me into the car and waved me off. I was talking utter rubbish by then and Grace was terrified. My contractions were 50 seconds apart but felt never-ending. My stomach was rock hard and I realised that the baby hadn't moved. Another sister (I know, I get confused too) Michelle met us at the hospital, she was to be with me while I was in labour. She took one look at me, put me in a wheelchair and spoke to a Midwife. I don't fully remember what was said but she had gone mad. The Midwife quickly apologised to me and a few moments later I was having an ultrasound and an internal examination. The consultant apologised to me again and asked for verbal consent to give me a c-section. I thought my baby had died.
I didn't understand what was happening but I agreed and was wheeled to theatre. I had been at the hospital 15 minutes when I was put under anaesthetic.
When I came around there was an incubator in the corner with a tiny bundle just wearing a nappy!
I asked a nurse to bring 'it' over and quickly took off the nappy. It was a girl!!
She was tiny, 5pounds 12.5ounces but appeared healthy. After tea and toast and a long wait I was finally brought to a ward and left alone to say hello to my baby!
She was born at 00.35 on the 6th of september. At 6am a midwife came to see me. Closely followed by two Doctors. She told me that she wanted to talk to me and to apologise.
According to her the hospital should have picked it up in a scan I had had two days before going into labour but a student registrar had missed it. She told me I'd had a placenta abruption and that the large clots were in actual fact parts of my placenta. 90% of my placenta had gone and Ellie had been starved of oxygen. They also apolosized that I had been told not to come in and that they were trying to find out who had told my mother that. I had been in labour since around 6.45pm on the 5th of september which works out at around 6 hours in total with just paracetamol as pain relief. I was told that the fetal mortality rate was 20-40% so Ellie was lucky to be alive. And so was I.
Ellie was floppy and not breathing but with the nurses excellent work she was like a healthy newborn baby after five minutes.
Ellie is now three years old and is so healthy - she rarely even catches colds thankfully!
She is a happy, funny and beautiful little girl and has changed my life so much - I could never be without her!
Thanks for reading this :D

Emma Tierney





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