Third Trimester

You're almost there! Only 12 more weeks until you welcome your new bundle of joy into your family! From your baby's fetal development to recent prenatal care ultrasounds, we want to hear all about your third trimester. And don't forget to share your stories about planning for labor, choosing natural labor, or preparing for breastfeeding. We are here to support you throughout your third trimester!

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Can't Wait...

I found out I was pregnant sometime in August. I was already 8 weeks pregnant, now I am 37 weeks pregnant and expecting a lil girl any day. My due date is April 12 but hopefully I'll have her before. I am so ready. Everyday me feet swell so big my shoes donít fit and I canít even walk without them hurting.

Weíre naming her Trina Rae after my husbandís mom who passed away when he was only 4.

But his father and step-sister do not agree with the name, they think he shouldnít name her that. His step-sister thinks itís offending his step mom but we do not understand how. I really donít care if they stop talking to us over it because he is naming his daughter after his mom for a good reason, not to make his step mom jealous.

The way I look at it, it will be their loss not to have they grand-baby in their life. We have my family and I have a huge family. She isnít even born yet and she is so spoiled and I am grateful I have a family thatís on our side.


It's good to have support!

This is my first pregnancy. I am 21 years old and 32 weeks pregnant. This is the roughest experience I have ever witnessed! Around my 9th week, I decided to look for my own insurance. Prior to becoming pregnant I was able to use my mother's insurance (because I was a full-time college student).

At the time, I lived with my parents and gave my home telephone so that the company could contact me. Stupid me. My mom worked at the same insurance company that I tried to get connected with. One day, when my younger brother was at home from school the insurance company called and he gave them my mother's work number. He was unaware of what was going on. Later on that day, the insurance company contacted my mom at work and that's when she found out that I was pregnant.

Since then I have moved out of my parents house and into my boyfriend's mother's home. I am still attending college and will graduate this semester with an associateís degree. My parents and family have not been supportive throughout my pregnancy and as a result it has been rough.

If it were not for my boyfriend's continuous love and support I could not have made it this far. He's been right by my side the whole time. It really helps to have him in my corner telling me how pretty I am, rubbing my feet and my achy body parts. Sometimes it makes me feel bad that I don't feel like having sex like I used to because I really want to be intimate, but he understands. The two of us have been together for over 3 years and we plan to get married soon. No matter how much my parents are against him I know that he is a good person and will be a great father and husband.

So if you are pregnant remember that it helps to have the man you love in your corner, or at least one person by your side at all times. So far I have learned that pregnancy is not for the weak, and that it is necessary for the mother to have the support that she needs in order to survive this emotional journey.


Still Waiting and Waiting

Hi I am 40 weeks pregnant now. I am just patiently waiting for my little girl to enter this world. This is my second pregnancy I already have a three-year-old son!

This time around has been different for me I was more sick and restless with my daughter than with my first child. The pregnancy has felt long and dragged out and now I am just ready for this whole thing to be over and to hold my precious little one in my arms.


will it ever end?

I am FINALLY at 32 weeks and there were some days that I just didn't think I could make it this far. I have struggled with severe morning sickness the WHOLE time. This is my second pregnancy. My first was the same way. I got (Oops) pregnant on my honeymoon and started throwing up the same day I unpacked from our trip. I didn't even consider that I was pregnant.

As I had not even missed my period yet, I thought I had the flu. I'm 5'6" and by the time I was 3mo along I only weighed 97lbs and every time I would throw up it was laced with blood (so sick!) because my throat was so damaged by stomach acid that the inner lining was gone. I really thought I was going to just slip away I was so weak, and so did everybody else. I would pass out for hrs. at a time. But obviously I didn't die although I was flat in bed for 9mo.

My beautiful daughter came into this world at 38weeks weighing a whopping 8lbs! I had not gained hardly anything and do not see how this was possible, but I was ever so thankful! My husband and I both come from enormous families and wanted a passel of our own.

I was perfectly horrified over how awful my 1st pregnancy went but after 4yrs everybody told me "It will be so much better the second time around you just need to get really healthy, gain a little cushion weight and get back on that horse, or you won't get over your fear of it." Guess what? I actually believed it. But sure enough, aside from the fact that I haven't actually fainted this time, it's been pretty much the same, only this time I have had to practically give away my 1st daughter Brook, as I am too sick to take care of her, so in that way it has almost been harder.

She doesn't understand why mom is on permanent check-out mode, poor thing. Luckily I married the sweetest guy on the planet and he is so supportive and full of compassion. Iíve been under a doctorís care the whole time this go round (my first was all home, all natural) but there is nothing much they can do & there is no known cure. My doc. is concerned about my weight (I lost another 3lbs this week, not good) but the baby thankfully seems to be fine.

So here I am counting down every miserable hr.' till I can have my life back again. But this whole situation saddens me because we will never have the big happy family to fill our large house that we wanted, as I don't think that I have the strength or endurance to ever, ever do this again.


But he's not changed????

I found out I was pregnant at 12 weeks, even though everyone including myself already knew this and at the time I was 16 yrs. old. My mom had me young and I always said I would never be like her. Well, turns out I will be a mom 7 months before my 18th birthday.

I am currently 27 weeks pregnant and the daddy is in jail. We are going to try to get him out on bond tomorrow. He did some stupid crap right before we found out I was pregnant, but stopped immediately when we knew for sure. We have only been together for 8 months but have been on and off for the past 5 years.

I am actually due 10 days before our 1 yr. anniversary! He is only 17 but he will be 18 in May. He also has a daughter by an ex who will be 3 in August and is the most precious child in the world. He wasn't able to be there for her to be born but we are hoping they won't lock him back up in jail until after our daughter is born in June.

People, even his first babyís mama, told me he won't ever change his ways of crime, but I know he will. He loves our daughter and me and we are planning to get married when he is out of courts and I turn 18. Like I said, he quit committing crimes when we found out I was pregnant. We WON'T have to go through this ever again.

My parents have lost trust in him but I know he wonít. He wants this chance to be a dad that he never got to be to his first daughter. He encourages me to stay in school and I have but I have missed quite a few days here lately.

Don't always think guys don't change because they do. My daughter's father has done a complete 360.They rarely do but if they really want to they will change.


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