Third Trimester

You're almost there! Only 12 more weeks until you welcome your new bundle of joy into your family! From your baby's fetal development to recent prenatal care ultrasounds, we want to hear all about your third trimester. And don't forget to share your stories about planning for labor, choosing natural labor, or preparing for breastfeeding. We are here to support you throughout your third trimester!

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Today is 35 weeks and 5 day

Hae All Again, its my ninth month and i had my scan yesterday (34 weeks, 4 days) baby was closing n opening lip, dr said so, but i could nt identify it well for being 3d scan with black n white, my doc told me strongly before a month that i should undergo c section because of significant low amniotic fluid, but strday she said baby hasnt turned n it takes few more time for the same, rite now near baby's head it seems to b near to no liquor and rest is quite ok but still not sufficient, yet she said being under trips for every 5 days once, chances for vaginal delivery is possible, wowwwwwwwwww, i felt happy but still i dnt wan to b excited n so i became cool n waiting now for vaginal delivery day with good health, surroundings for me, my baby. u knw i read sai satcharithra for 7 days, it is suppose to be over by 7th day of reading so, i was into prayer, lord chanting, listening to spiritual songs, stories etc.... hope those do helped me to listen to such nice word from my doc....lov u lord, lov u my baby

Pavithra Ram Varma

34 weeks getting over today

Today is last day of my 8th month pregnancy, Am into trips for once in 5 days for the problem i have called significant oligohydraminos, even my blood is not in dark color, so along with trips my dc is injecting 5ml of I.V - i really not sure about the name of it, my both hands are paining at times even though i choose to have 1 hand 10 days once, u know my doc said let we take scan on 28 nov, 2011 to confirm whether u can prolong for normal delivery r for caesarean, my vision goes to normal delivery and my astrology says that il b going for normal delivery, waiting for those days to feel my baby vaginal birth, wow tat wld be even though it pains, i basically believe that motherhood will get fullfledged not wen girl becomes mum, only wen mother to be have vaginal birth for her baby, u knw nw a days am unable to control urination sense of which is normal as doc says, even pooing, i read saisatcharitra last week which is suppose t be read within a week to see the miracles coming true, lemme wait for my miracle of going for normal delivery, rite, u knw my hair lost its texture, i couldnt go for straightening hair cut even aftr baby birth, bcz i need to go city to do well, but i could nt spend more time i travel bcz aftr baby born, i need to feed him/her na, i want baby boy as first baby and i wan to go for second pregnancy for baby girl, wow it would be, am chanting garbaraksha sloga often, chanting lord namakarna, believing on god n nothing else, i stopped worrying bcz i got bored of it, haha, i left it to god and i wish to have baby boy wit vaginal birth, hope il, will say rest in next

Pavithra Ram Varma

Third Trimester Emotions

Today is my 208 days of my pregnancy on 19 oct 2011, Wow, I Have crossed these many days, its amazing to look back, my due date is b/w dec last week and jan first week, now a days my thoughts r surrounding towards my new family member, during 7th month, we use to call upon relatives and we offer each with 7 variety of food and pocket of sweet and i had such samskara called seemandam, but as my motherinlaw and my mum dnt have ritual of having bangle celebration, we dint had that, am suppose to wear my marital saree and i happend to loosen it up and wear,i increased to 7.5kgs from the date of pregnancy, but it doesnt seem to have much of difference in my physique bcz am already obese, haha, from the initial of third trimester i startd to feel more of babies kick r watsoever the feel is, wenever i hear lingabairavi mantra, discourse of sadhguru jaggi vasudev, babe starts to show more reactions, tat which seems to be like too much of fun s/he gets. and i love it, wenever i wait to feel those feelings my baby play hide n seek with me, his / her dad, i use to call upon my husband to tell him wat baby is reacting, i ask him to touch my tummy wenever baby feels excited, suddenly s/he moves apart, naughty kid, started to have swollen in my legs, exciting feel, at times am having constipation, which is very normal, i heard frm my doc, i went for second time scan during 198 days, 9 oct, 2011 and i came to know that my liquor is significantly oligohydraminos, that mean am having low liquor content inside my uterus, which is not suppose to happen, so my doc startd to make me get into trips every 5 days once, having sachet of medicine to drink along with tablet, it takes 1 hr to have tripd get over, until thn i wanted to listen to srimad bagavatam, which is ancient epic, and every pregnant woman is suppose to hear during third trimester bcz it focuses on goodness and so wenever mum listens, baby also listens, so i enjoy listening to it, basically i wish to make my kid be into spirituality, so i believe this is a good platform for my babe, isnt it? my inlaw, parents were frightened wen they hear that i had low liquor, bcz they had fear that this complication shouldnt lead to c-section, all wish to be normal delivery, i hope everyting goes well, my parents, in law startd to plan wat r things to buy for baby, for namakarna ceremony (naming ceremony), me, my husband are setting our mind that shortly v r gonna be parent and startd to think over on it, wow na, Startd to collect romantic melodious song for our baby to hear, startd to focus more on wat to do further


14 and Pregnant.

My name is Ashleii. I am only 14 years old, and starting my second year in high school.
It was about 2 and a half months ago when I found out I was pregnant.. I didn't get my period for about 4 months, but being so young I just ignored everything as I was scared and didn't know what to think or do, then.. I felt movement. I was about 4 months pregnant at the time. No care for me or the baby, no vitamins, nothing..
Finally one night, I couldn't stand it anymore. I was in my room crying a lot and I couldn't stop. I finally gave up and went crying to my mom. I had her guess what was wrong. Well, she finally guessed it.
Of coarse she was upset, angered, dissapointed.. As she should have been.. Her baby was going to be having a baby.. I would be force to grow up so quickly through my teen years.
My mom got me into the doctors, and they said I was too far along for an abortion as I was about 26 weeks when I told my mom. I was glad to hear this news, as I did not want this to be one of my options as I am highly against it.
My boyfriend and I and mother, talked everything over. My boyfriend and I decided that adoption would be too hard for us, as we would be letting our own child go. After this, we decided to keep our baby.
My blood work was taken, all the tests were done, I started taking vitamins, and I got to see the baby on ultrasound. I also found out that I was having a little boy.
Now, this takes me to where I am now. Our baby boy is due shortly after mine and my boyfriends 1 year together. We have a name picked out, we have all the baby stuff, including the crib set up in my room.
Yes, this is going to be difficult, as it is for every first time mom.. But even more difficult at a young age. I have all my schooling figured out, and I know what I will be doing. I am now almost 32 weeks, and my boyfriend and I couldn't be more excited.
Now alls to hope for is that my baby comes out healthy, and my boyfriend sticks around to raise and be in his little boys life.


My First Baby

My First Baby :

My story may not be as diffrent from any other you might have read. Honestley this pregnancy has been life changeing for me i found out i was pregnant on feburary 14,2011. Yes on valentimes day one month away from my birthday this wasnt easy for me to digest. Specially since the relasion between my babys father and me wasnt the best and my family and friends didnt aprove of him. But moveing on my birthday was nothing like i thought it would be no one remmbered and i cryed my self to sleep i felt like a faled. the ironey of this was that i had always wanted to be a mom but this wasnt how i planed it. Months have passed and many things have happen i havent been very happy and my relasionship dosent helped. Its so true i am also tired of being big and notvbeing anle to do the things i like, but thinking about my daughter makes it al right. I am not haveing a baby shower yea every womans dreams but i knew this wouldnt happen i don't believe in fairy tales and i have never had my princess moment and i know it will never happen. Pregnacy is suppose to make you the most happiest person in the world but its not true its all a lie. But all i want you to know is that even though i dont have anything for my daughter and even though i am not the happiest person in the world i keep my head high all suffering is small if it surves as a little happyness for ny daughter. May god bless you all and may your babys come to this world healthy and strong.

Luna :-))

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