Twins and Multiples

Being pregnant with twins, triplets or more can bring its own set of pregnancy experiences with it. If you've had a twin or multiple birth, share your story with us! Were your pregnancy symptoms more intense? How did you prepare for your babies' birth? Impart your words of wisdom to future moms of twins, triplets, and even quadruplets.

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Teenage Mom

My boyfriend and I had been dating for 4 years when I got pregnant. One day he had gotten his acceptance letter for college and we were so excited and got caught up in the moment. it wasnt planned. a couple of weeks later my period was late and I told my brother because I live with him since our parents died in a car crash. he was very supportive because he knows it was an honest accident. I told my boyfriend after i had taken about 6 test just to make sure and they were all positive. at first he didnt believe me and he got mad because he felt like he was to blame when we both were.he started to acept it more after I started showing. we soon found out that i was having twins, a boy and a girl. everything was great after that and then the day after my 17 birthday our son Bentley Anderson and daughter Georgia Aubrey were born!! Everything was going great. we ended up getting married. We were married for almost 2 years when Blake (their father) was killed in a construction accident while working one day. its been a couple of moths since then and things are going well for the twins and I. we now live with my brother and are going to until i can get back on my feet.


Ellie Paisley


i was sixteen when i got pregnant with my twins it was hard work trying to juggle ny gcse and be pregnant it was hard work and i broke down when my boyfreind saud it was okay he will always be there to help. it has been six years now and the twins are six years old i have been married to their dad for four of those years we have a one year old and are now sixmonths pregnant with another set of twins it is hard work as we have only just finished uni and got jobs and are only 22 years old. my parents disoned me when i was sixteen and pregnant and have had nothing to do with me or the kids since. if it wasnt for my husband and his family i dont know what i would have done.



Hello my names Alycia...I was 17 when i had found out that i was pregnant ...Me and my boyfriend(Jared)were so happy and filled with joy...When it came time to tell our parents we were a little scared of what they might of done or said but turns out the were happier than we were..and to make thing greater we also found out that we were going to have twins...On March 14,2008 i went in to labor at 27 weeks...And i had my two Beautiful sons Tomman-Anthony Isaac and Bentlee Isaac...Me and Jared mostly cried the whole time i gave birth...We are now living in our house Jared and me own we both have full time jobs.The boys just turned 4 a couple of days ago and we had a big party with alots of family and friends..My boys might be twins but there nothing alike
Tomman-Anthony who we call Tony is a Daddys boy him an Jared are always playing catch in the yard or beatin each other up...
Bentlee who we call Benny on the other hand is a Mamas boy hes love to help mommy cook and loves to read to me all the time...
im am so thankful that i have support from family and that jared is never leaving my side even though were not getting married anytime soon.


My Twins Story :)

Hello I'm Emily. When I was 15 I got pregnant by who I thought was the love of my life, Caden. We dated for 2 months and started having sex. I know, really early in the relationship.. But I loved him or so I thought. But I missed my period in September. I got worried.. My Bestfriend bought me a pregnancy test, and it came out positive. I told Caden, and he left me. In December I had an ultra sound appointment, he showed up and saw we were having twins. He said "I can't handle twins." I got mad and said "fine leave then!!" he did. In May, 2009 I gave birth to two beautiful baby girls! Kendall Morgan 5lbs 4oz 18 in. and Blair Elizabeth 5lbs 0oz 16 in. They're now three years old, happy, beautiful, baby girls :) I wouldn't change a thing in my life. Even if Caden isn't around.

Emily Jade

Girls, Boys, Twins, Oh My!

I was in love at 18 with my best friend's brother and later was married to him when I was 21 and Chris was 23. As a schoolteacher and a pediatrician, we loved kids.

On our 6 month anniversary, I became pregnant with a wonderful baby girl. Usually starting a family young is risky, but my parents were going to help us out and we lived in a 5 bedroom house with plenty of space, so we decided to keep the baby. On April 3, Chris and I welcomed Jubilee Amy-Faith Holtty. We used Jubilee because it combined my middle name (Julia) with Chris's mother's name Julee. We would call her Amy though because we like short and sweet names.

About a year after Amy was born, we wanted her to learn the responsibility of caring for someone. We tried for another baby. I was pregnant again. For the next 9 months all Amy talked about was "the baby" and that she was going to "help" Mama change diapers.(We had given her a toy baby for her birthday.) Chris, Amy, and I couldn't wait for our new addition to arrive. The due date came and went and soon I found my self 39 weeks into my pregnancy. After talking to my doctor, Chris and I decided to go ahead and have me induced on November 29. Finally, on Nov. 29, Amy got to see her baby brother whom we named Joesph Rienn Holtty. He would be called Joey when he grows up.

Amy absolutely loved Joey. She even loved "helping" Mama put clothes on him. Chris and I discussed having another child and decided to try for one as soon as Joey was old enough. When Joey was nearing his 1st birthday, we began to try. I guess we tried too hard because I was pregnant with not one, but two babies. Imagine trying to explain that to a 2 1/2 and 1 year olds. We learned ahead of time that the babies would be girls. On July 8, Emery Lynn and Ella Sydney were born - 2 minutes apart. Joey gave Emery her nickname Emmi since he couldn't pronounce it correctly. Ella, although her name is simple enough, it was easier for Amy and Joey to call her either Ells or Ellie.

As soon as Emmi and Ellie were old enough to go to preschool (about 2), Chris and I knew we could make it with another baby... or as it turned out babies. Chris, Amy, Joey, Emmi, Ellie, and I couldn't wait for our newest additions. After learning I was to have twins again, we knew we needed to have more space and instead of moving we added a "guest" house with an indoor walkway across the lawn. We gave up a bit of outdoor space but were able to work with it. We added 2 more bedrooms, a bathroom, a small sitting room, and a kitchenette. Chris and I decided to move over there and make the other bedroom a nursery for the babies. Amy and Joey would keep their rooms and Emmi and Ellie would each get their own rooms. We would have another bedroom to turn into a guest room for my mom when she comes and helps with the kids. On April 18, I had to have a c section. Luckily, my son and daughter were born healthy and we named them Abigail Gianna-Hope and Jackson Smith. What would we call them? Abby and Jackie of course!!

I knew we were done since we had all our beds full but by some miracle I was pregnant once more with one baby - a girl we learned. Chris and I believe in letting our kids have their own room since we had to share when we grew up. We wanted to keep the sitting room in our "guest" house so we added on a small addition including a bedroom and bathroom. They were small but perfect. I knew this child would be the last of our bunch. Our last addition was soon added on January 14. As a family we named her Grace Elaine Holtty. We called her Gracie and couldn't wait to bring her home with us.

My family is the awesome. Amy and Joey know the roots of growing up to share with their brother and sisters. Emmi and Ellie are enjoying each others company and call each other "sissie". Abby and Jackie have their role models picked out - Amy and Joey. Even though Gracie is still a baby she tries to keep up with the big kids. Chris and I try to be fun parents and have learned to let go of all the little things since our kids are learning to care, share, and be happy. I love each and every one of them equally. I absolutely love being a mother.


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