Twins and Multiples

Being pregnant with twins, triplets or more can bring its own set of pregnancy experiences with it. If you've had a twin or multiple birth, share your story with us! Were your pregnancy symptoms more intense? How did you prepare for your babies' birth? Impart your words of wisdom to future moms of twins, triplets, and even quadruplets.

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omg this actually happened

OK my story is quite recent. I'm just after giving birth to two beautiful baby girls. They are precious little angles but for me and my husband they were quite a shock.

I had a quite normal pregnancy, little bit sick but nothing major. all my scans were fine and normal and they said the BABY was ok but had a little bit of fast heartbeat or so they thought well last Tuesday i went into labor two weeks early i was quite scared but then excited about seeing my baby.

i had a quick labor and at 1.54pm baby Alyssa was born weighing a tiny 5lb 1 oz they took her away to check on her and her heart but she was perfect.

I began to get a very strong pain in my stomach thinking that it was the after birth i was told to push. The look on the doctors face at what happened next was priceless. He started shouting there is a head there must be another baby. i was shell shocked as was my husband but we didn't have time to think Hannah was born at 2.13 pm. it began to settle in after that, it was twins i was carrying but at each scan the babies were back to front and only one baby was shown. the doctors were amazed as we were but never the less we love both babies who are 10 day old now!!


just found out OMG!

well my husband and i have been trying forever to get pregnant, we just found out that i am pregnant with twins. oh my what am i gonna do with 2 babys. we dont have much of an income but we will found a way 2 make things work. my husband and i are on ssi for disablititys we are both going to school him for medical and me for business. we really are excited for these babys, dont exsately know how we are gonna afford these twins but some how we will make it all work out. God blessed us and we will make this work out


Double Horror

Me and my boyfriend used to get carried away ALOT when we were having sex and never used contraception. Unfortunatley, I was one of those girls who thought it couldn't happen to her until it did. I found out on the morning of my GCSEs. I was so scared I can't even describe it. I didn't know whether or not to keep the baby. I tried to keep it a secret but the morning sickness didn't help. My mum took me to see a doctor because she thought I was bulimic. He asked me when my last period was and I told him. He asked me if there was any chance I could be pregnant. I was so worried when mum asked him to test me. I took the test and surprise surprise. . . it was positive. Me and mum had a massive row and I moved in with my sister. I still hadn't told my boyfriend. I was so worried he'd dump me. But when one of my 'friends' at school found out, she spread round. Surprisingly, to me, he didn't dump me. I moved into his and we set out buying a cot and changing mat ect. But everything changed when at my next scan, I found out I was having twins. I knew I had a huge stomach but didn't think anything of it. We were strapped for cash and asked our parents to chip in to help with finances. I was told about premature labour and was shown around the special care units. It was frightening.
On 21st June 2006, I was wheeled into theatre and by C-Section gave birth to two beautiful baby girls, Audrina and Abigail. Two years on and me and my boyfriend are still together. And we have a baby boy, Luke. We are a happy family unit and I'm glad I didn't decide to have an abortion. I would have regretted it.


teen with twins

to all you teen mommies
before my babies
i was 15 going on16 and doing drugs sleeping with diffrent guys every week i did it because i thought it was cool.
i was a week from my sweet 16 i was going to have a really cool partey i was really popular not a care in the world when i started to get tummy pains so i took some panadol.
it was during the middle of my party i was in the club it was hot and stuffy and i had had something to drink and i was on drugs istarted to get dizzy but i just forgote about it and kept dancing and the next thing i rememberd was wackin up in a hopital 2 days later all my family was there they where all very supportive and they told me that they had found out i was pregnate with twins. i look at my mom and said mom i am so scared i don't want them i want an abortion she looked strait back at me and said NO you don't know it now but your going to love those babys so much your father and i will help you through it because you are a strone girl and your going to love the babies so very much. i love my mum so much for making me keep them, because even though it was hard i got through it.
the birth
i was walking home from work when my water broke i was so scared i walked as fast as my body would let me i speed in to the house call my mum and she was there for me in 5min it hurt so much but it was good having my mum my dad and my bestfreind(my sister rossi) there. the firth time i saw them something happend it was like all the pain and the trouble in my world went away i had a girl jessica and a boy riley.
now i am married with a great job two beautiful kids and another two on the way i am so glad that i had jessica and riley because it made me who i am today.
i thin all you teen mommies are great don't give up and don't give your babies away because how ever hard your life is just looking at them makes you feel like the luckest person in the world.
love tilly



My sister has been dreaming for months (since soon after the birth of our first baby) that the next ones would be twin, we put it of as hopeful thinking!
When I found out that I was pregnent, I tried to connect with the baby, as I had done with my first.
With my daughter, it had been easy.
With this one however, i just got nothing, or occaisionly a feeling of there being something 'wrong'
One day I laid down, and acnolaged that they could be twins.
Immediatly I got the word 'yes'
I rang the doc, irganised an ultrasound for the next week, and nearly fell off the bed when the tech told me that our preminitons and dreams where right!


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