Twins and Multiples

Being pregnant with twins, triplets or more can bring its own set of pregnancy experiences with it. If you've had a twin or multiple birth, share your story with us! Were your pregnancy symptoms more intense? How did you prepare for your babies' birth? Impart your words of wisdom to future moms of twins, triplets, and even quadruplets.

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So many in so little time

I got married when i was 18. My family didnt really apporve of it because i was so young and my boyfriend was 24. But i was 18 and i was in love. My husband, Taylor wanted to start a family young, but at the time i was just trying to convince him that me going to college first was a better option. However, i became pregnant before being married for 6 months.

Taylor had already gotten to go to college and he had a stable job. We lived in a 4 bedroom house so i knew we ccould afford a child, but i serously considered getting an abortion without telling him, because college had always been a plan of mine. But after i went to a doctor appointment and saw my baby's heartbeat i knew that i couldnt. So when i was 6 weeks pregnant, i told Taylor and he was thrilled. I learned to love the idea of having a child around the house, but i also made Taylor promise to help me through college and he agreed. So i was about 12 weeks pregnant i started college classes. A few weeks later i was told that we were going to have a girl. On July 17th i gave birth to my first child Aubrey Joy. She was a beautifull baby and is now a beautiful child. When she was 3 months old, and i was 19 by now, i was told that i was pregnant againa and i couldnt believe it! Taylor and i had only had sex once since Aubrey was born because i wanted to get my body from post baby.

I learned to get happy about this pregnancy too because i tloved being a mommy and now i was going to have a second daughter to love too. I put off college telling myself i would go back when they were old enough to go to school. On may 1st i gave birth to our second child Rylee Elle. Aubrey was just 10 months old because i had given birth at 35 weeks into my pregnancy and i felt bad at times because i somtimes felt as if i was missing out on seeing Aubrey grow up because i had to focuse on Rylee.

Taylor was 26 when Rylee was born and I was 20. Having two kids in two years of marriage is hard but we were ready finacially and emotionally to become these parents. Needless to say, Taylor and I made sure not to get pregnant again. That lasted until I was 21, Aubrey was 1 1/2 and Rylee about 8 months old. Taylor and i had tried to insure that I wouldnt get pregnant again but aprently we went worng somewhere. In this pregnancie i felt different than my other two because i looked about 5 months pregnant when i was just 8 weeks into it. i supected something was up and at my 10 weeks check up i was told there were two heart beats. I was shocked, because i couldnt think of anybody on my side of the family that had a twin or something. But apprently Taylor had an uncle who had a twin that i forgot about lol.

At 16 weeks pregnant we found out the gender of our twins a boy and a girl. On semtember 14th i gave birth to Micha Lucas and Maria Grace. Having twin newborns with a 16 month old and a 2 year old was different and challenging but Taylor and i were ready for the challenge.

Taylor have agreed not to have anymore kids until the tiwns are at least 3. After realizing that i was 21 with four kids i was a bit shocked, taylor was already 27 so it wasent too bad for him, lol. The twins are almost a year old and our paln to wait to have mor kids until they were at least three failed. I am now 28 weeks pregnant with twins again! We couldnt believe two sets of twins in a row. Our newst addisons another boy and girl will be here shortley and i can't wait! Theres names with be Aaron Andrew and Mia Valerie.


A Miracle

The first time I had an inkling that something was up was on the first week of February. After my miscarriage last Sept 2010, I wasn't monitoring the number of days to my next period anymore as I had kinda lost hope in having a baby again. My period has been regular ever since I can remember. Anyway, back to February, I took a PT test and it came out negative. After a few days, I took one again but still... negative. Hubby and I flew to Manila the following day for a very short but tiring trip! My hubby, who is my exact opposite when it comes to buying things, as usual wanted us to walk all over Quiapo just to find the 1 thing he was looking for. Can't even remember what it was. I was a little concerned because I still hadn't gotten my period but I was feeling something... At the back of my mind, I was already feeling that I might be pregnant but then again you sometimes have the same feeling as when you're about to have your period. Anyway, to make the long story short, I finally got a positive on my PT by the time we were already back in Cebu. Hubby and I were still a little scared to talk about it for fear of another miscarriage so we waited until the 3rd week of Feb to go to my OB. Unfortunately, before my planned appointment, I had some spotting. I was told to have a TVS (trans vaginal sonogram) and lo and behold... I was already 7 weeks pregnant...WITH TWINS! Hubby couldn't seem to react well at first. He was really a "scaredy" cat to jinx (as if the twins would vanish once he acknowledges them! haha)the information. I myself was a bit scared too. First thing that came into my mind was the expenses! Uh-oh! Double for everything! But after awhile I began to like the idea. It's a miracle! God took my first baby and multiplied it into two! What could be a better gift than that!

Complete bedrest from 7th to 9th week due to my spotting which turned out to be caused by UTI.. oh they also saw a small subchorionic hemorrhage. Thankfully, on my 9th week TVS, the SCH was gone! Another miracle! My strict bedrest was lifted but hubby and I still opted that I continue on with my bedrest just to make sure that babies are safe.

So we jump now to my 6th month because my pregnancy has been relatively uneventful. Not that I'm complaining, but I've just read so many scary stories over the net (which by the way is my constant companion during this whole time because I was on bedrest for most of the time, yeah its really uneventful, lol!) Oh, I had some terrible pain and contractions on my 19th week that lasted for 3 days! I thought I was going to lose my babies that time. The only explanation my OB could give was my multiple fibroids which might be degenerating. Well we never did find out because my last ultrasound was done on my 17th week. The only good outcome after those 3 excruciating days was that I finally got to feel the tiny flutters of my babies! It was kinda weird at first, it was like there were worms kicking my tummy, hehe. I had my last pre-natal appointment last week where we heard again the heartbeats of my twins and their contant movement. My OB also provided me with a maternity support belt that really eased up the heavy tummy that I'm carrying now (some say I look like I'm about to pop anytime!) Can't wait for my next scheduled ultrasound just to see how my babies are doing now.

Giselle Bongo

its a twin thing!

hi guys, im kandee, i am 23 and i have 3 year old twin girls!
i was 19 when i found out and i was happy from the very first moment my husband (fiance at the time) was just as happy, we didnt care that we were so young, we had a house and two very good jobs, so we were all prepared. until we found out we were having twins!! ahh we were shocked, but finally after what felt like 10 years of my pregnancy my 2 baby girls ashleigh and jade finally arrived. it was hard looking after both but totally worth it! i am now 25 weeks pregnant with our first boy, we cant wait!


Mom to twins at 14

Hi my name is Sarah and i am a single parent. The other day i turned 16. It was an amazing party. All my friends and family were there to celebrate. as were my twin girls. I first found out I was pregnant when i was 14. I was really hard to tell my family and my boyfriend. We had both been each others first time and i was also pregnant because of it. He was so upset about it and begged me to get an abortion. When I refused he beat me and told me that if i told any one that he was the father he would deny it an just call me a whore. I told my parents immediately and got him sent to prison for assault. But that was the least of my troubles; my friends disowned me and much of my christian family did to. And when the church i was going to found out they rejected me and a woman came up and told my my child was a no good bastard who God would send to hell. I was so upset. These were the people who i had trusted my whole life ad now the curse me. It hurt so bad. Since I had five younger siblings my parent decided that i should go and live with my grandmother. So when i was 15 weeks pregnant i moved in with my grandparents. They helped me so much they homeschooled me; even though i told my grandma that i could go back to school she told me it wasn't proper for me to go to school in my condition. She got me started in programs for teen mom and made me take parenting class. When i was 17 weeks the doctor in formed me that I was having twins. I cried a lot that day. My pregnancy progressed as normal and I soon became more and more excited waiting on my babies. They were born on April 1 2010. Two little girls who i named Julia Aurora Todd and Elaina Rose Todd My grandmother told my parents that me and the girls would be living with her till i could move out. My parent argued but in the end i was living with my grandparents. Now my girls are 14 months old and are extremely smart. The father who at first refused to pay child support now does due to a judge and he will never see is girls. Even though its hard to see how i got here i am glad i am where i am. And because of my grandmother i graduated this may and am planning on collage. For those of you out there It is never hopeless and someone out there cares and will fight for you like my grandma did. And having twin identical girls is blast. - Sarah


Life Unexpected

I am 17 years old and I am pregnant. I was 15 when I met this guy and we decided to wait until I was 16 to take the relationship further. We first had sex on my birthday and we were careful. He always wore protection and I was also on the pill. Things didn't go as planned and after 4 months of regular sex, I became pregnant and I was absolutely terrified. At the time, I had just done my exams and acheived straight A grades in 14 subjects and was due to go to college to do my A-levels in the hope to become a midwife. I told the father that he was to become a father and he was shocked initially but grew to enjoy the thought of being a daddy. We went to the doctors and learned I was 7 weeks pregnant, we were happy. He then told us it was triplets and we couldn't do anything but cry. The thought of bringing one child into the world was daunting enough, but 3 - that terrified me. The father was shocked and upset but he eventually came to and told me and my family that he would support me and the babies throughout the whole pregnancy and afterwards and he would always be a part of the babies' lives whether we stayed together or not. We learned that we'd have to be strong and support eachother, so we did. Tragically, when I was 6 months 2 weeks and 2 days pregnant, Jacob,the father of the triplets passed away. I was devastated and it wasn't until a couple of weeks ago that I realised I would have to bring 3 children into the world into a single parent family and bring them up on my own. Luckily, I have both of Jacob's parents, both of my parents and many family and friends willing to help me. I am living with my parents and they are going to help me with childcare until I am mentally, physically, emotionally and financially stable to care for them on my own. I am now 8 months pregnant and I am having a cesarean on the 5th June (in 5 days!). My babies, 2 girls and a boy, already have names and a nursery at home waiting for them and I am very, very excited. My babies will always have a part of Jacob in them and through giving birth to them, there will always be a part of him living. With Jacob being an only child, I feel happy that I am providing his parents with the only grandchildren they'll ever get and I'll be eternally greatful to Jacob for providing me with these beautiful miracles I'm due to have in 5 days.

P.S. We decided on the babies' names before Jacob passed, aside from the boy's name, who will now be named after his father .. Their names will be :-
Isaac Jacob
Raegan Isabella
Maya Roseanne



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