Twins and Multiples

Being pregnant with twins, triplets or more can bring its own set of pregnancy experiences with it. If you've had a twin or multiple birth, share your story with us! Were your pregnancy symptoms more intense? How did you prepare for your babies' birth? Impart your words of wisdom to future moms of twins, triplets, and even quadruplets.

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toilet gal

hey, im on the end of first tri wid triplets. I basically hang around the bathroom and i basically look like a five-month preg woman. The whole experience was very fun and belive it or not, I love throwing up and getting tired cos it means my body is hard at work making our babies. It's a good experience.


16 and twins

I am 16 and having twins. But thats not all i have 2 kids already. A 2yr old boy and a 7 month yr aold girl. Please help. My boyfriend is very happy and supportive. But this pain is really bad. I am only 3 months and nausea is getting worse. Please e-mail me and give me some advice. [email protected]



twins run in my family. every girl has twin boys.i am the only one who has had a single birth which was a girl, but this time im not to sure if i have missed it i can feel movement already im 12wks and on my daugter i didnt feel any thing until i was about 15wks, ive had really bad sickness not just morning, and had to be taken in to hospital, but every thing is alrite now, i go for my first scan in 2wks cant wait, i will be 15wks then i already have a big belly, which i didnt have on my little girl i could wear my size 8s jeans to being 5months. not this time im already a size 10!



I will start by telling you that my first daughter was born premature due to toximia. she was born at 29 1/2 week and 2lb 10 oz. we spent only 42 days in the NICU. I felt like I had failed in a major way even if the doctors said it just happens some times. So finding out I was pregnant again when my daughter was 12months old was very scarry for me. My kidneys had failed during the first pregnancy and the doctors were very discouraging of me even trying to get pregnant. My first O.B. visit they scheduled the first ultrasound just because I was already high risk. My husband and I went the tech was very quiet, then she asked do twins run in your family. We looked at one another and said no. Why? ( I was thinking what a silly question.) The tech replied well they do now. No, thats not possible Is what I was thinking, how could this happen? My Doctor was very worried at First and told us " you were already high risk and then you decided to have twins" They found out I have a factor 5 gene factor that makes my blood clot abnormally so I take a shot of blood thiner twice a day untill this pregnancy is over. But guess what? with everything that could of went wrong nothing has yet. I am very blessed it looks as if we are going to go the full 37 weeks for twins. and have a wonderfull baby boy and Girl. I am passed where we had my daughter by a week and a half. so to all of you who think everything will go wrong try to stay positive it really helped me out.

Niki McFarland

4 weeks pregnant

I went for my scan today and two big dots was on the scan the doctor said i wouldnt know if i was having twins until another 4 weeks when they can check the heartbeat. she said it is normal for there to be 2 and then become 1 this is common, is it what are the chances of me having twins


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