Twins and Multiples

Being pregnant with twins, triplets or more can bring its own set of pregnancy experiences with it. If you've had a twin or multiple birth, share your story with us! Were your pregnancy symptoms more intense? How did you prepare for your babies' birth? Impart your words of wisdom to future moms of twins, triplets, and even quadruplets.

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I just found out that I am having twins. I am a very small framed girl. I just hope that I can hold them for the whole trimester. I am very excited to be having twins. They run in my borfriends side of the family.


Could it possible?

I'm 31 and going through my third pregnancy. I have a daughter, she's 5 and I had lost my second baby due to a viral infection. It took me three years to gain the confidence to get pregnant again. My husband was the one who constantly refused to have another one. After a year talking over it, we finally decided to try again.

I am having hypertension, am on medical treatment, and planning for pregnancy is essential. To cut short, after six months of trying, finally I'm pregnant. As usual, I have to make frequent visits to the hospital for assessment.

I realise that by the end of the day, I am unusually extremely tired, and morning sickness is frequent. I feel uncomfortable after each meal, especially after dinner. I'm experiencing abdominal pain from 6 weeks until now (now I'm 11 weeks pregnant). The doctor told me it is ok.

Finally, I can't take it anymore. I went to see a friend (who is a doctor and owns a clinic) and told her about the discomfort. She thought I looked bigger than the age of my pregnancy and decided to do the ultrasound. I'm carrying twins!!!

I love to have twins even though it means double in everything. But I have my own worries. Having hypertension and carrying twins make me in the red zone level. That will mean extra attention and visits to the hospital.

I don't mind those as long as the babies and I are healthy. My husband and I are very excited. Can't wait till they are born. But I do hope everthing will be fine for me and the babies.

Mama Adibah


I'm 18. Almost 2 years ago I met my soulmate. Some people will say "you're only 18, you don't even know what that is." They're wrong. We fell completely in love, and decided we'll get married one day, but we want children, and we want them to be in our wedding.

I was on the depo shot at that time for about 5 months. When we decided we wanted to try and get pregnant, i got off the shot, and 3 months later, it happened. Twins run in my family, they said that i'm the next to have them, it skips a geneeration or something. They told me that, but I didn't expect to have them, although twins run in the family. Usually its woman over 35 having multiples because of fertility treaments, but not in my case.

I went to my first ultra sound. She looked around for a little while, then pointed the screen to where the father, my mother, and I were in the room. She was quiet then said "there's more than one." My mother jumped up and down, i looked at my boyfriend and said "awwww twins!!!"

That's when she said "I didn't say twins." Then she told me there were 3!!!!! At first I think i almost fell off the ultrasound bed! im very small, 5' weighing 102lbs! I was thinking "where am I going to fit TRIPLETS inside of me?"

But that was a surprise of a lifetime, and a very rare one the doctor told me. I call them our miracle babies! And that's my story! I cannot wait until the day they're born!




Just found out yesterday that I am pregnant with twins. i am 9 weeks. Twins are in our family. My mother has a twin brother. I have been even more sick this pregnancy.


am i, arnt i?

ive just found out im pregnant, and the story starts a few months b 4 my first pregnancy with my son. at my place of work an african security guard stated i wud b pregnant with in the year, i said no way! not gonna happen, he said yes a boy born in august. sure enough a few month later found indeed i was expectin! he said, i told u boy, august! at the scan i found he was rite, he then stated next u have twins 1 boy 1 girl with in 2 years and i come 2 ur wedding and drink fine wine and wear big african head dress. i laughed but to my amazement my partner proposed and ive now found out im pregnant again. and im certain it's true. my grandfather's a twin and my cousin is 12wk pregnant wiv twins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

becci oldham.

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