Twins and Multiples

Being pregnant with twins, triplets or more can bring its own set of pregnancy experiences with it. If you've had a twin or multiple birth, share your story with us! Were your pregnancy symptoms more intense? How did you prepare for your babies' birth? Impart your words of wisdom to future moms of twins, triplets, and even quadruplets.

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one. what? two?

when i first found out i was shocked, i was even more shocked when i found out i was having twins. the dad [ryan] was 17 and was 16. ryan was great help though out the pregnanncy, enven there at birth eventho i was swearing at him alot. nardina jane freeman and edward jack freeman both were born on 18 september 2010. mymum kicked me out when she found out i was preg. but his mum let me move in. i stll do school in my spare time and i think things are looking up because, i belived i overherd ryan and his dad talking sbout a wedding proprosal. thumbs up!

stacy mctosh

Unexpected Twins

My Husband and I are 23 years old. We just got Married in October 2010 and the weekend after found out we were pregnant. I had been feeling a little off so I didn't drink at my wedding which I am now very thankful that I didn't. Once I found out I was pregnant I was very very sick. I could not sleep at night, I was very sick throughout the entire morning, and was more tired than I have ever been in my life. I knew morning sickness was bad, but I had never expected something like this. When my doctors appointment finally came up the did and u/s to see how many weeks I was for sure. I have no twins in my family, my husband, I know now, has 2 sets. I don't know why I was afraid to have twins in my mind at the time there was no reason that we should be having twins, but when the u/s tech was looking at the screen I couldn't help but ask "it's just one right", she didn't really say much just said that she was still looking and would fill me in on everything at the end. My husband was standing at the end of the table I was laying on watching the screen trying to figure out the little figures and movements that the u/s tech was recording. Finally she was done with her recordings and she turned the screen my way so that I could see my baby. Well I saw babies. There was two babies in my stomach. I was in such shock that I burst out crying right on the table. It was such a mix of emotion, I was happy, scared, and worried.
I am now 21 weeks pregnant and very used to the idea of having twins. I am still very scared and worried but it's different then when I found out. I am more worried about my babies now and scared for them. My most recent u/s was yesterday and they are both doing great. My husband is very much against finding out what the sexes of our babies are so I still have not asked to find out, it's getting harder and harder to wait though!
My due date is June 16 2011 and I can't wait. Being pregnant has not been something I have enjoyed as some women do, I just want to meet my new little babies so that we can being our new life with them.
Good luck to all that are out there pregnant, trying to get pregnant, and who have just given birth!!! Were all in this together! :)


14 and Pregnant

Hi my name is Megan and i am 14, Im having twins with my 17 year old boyfriend Phillip. We just found out we were havin twins, and my parents kicked us out. We have only been dating 2 days but we had a one night stand 2 months ago and it came back to haunt us...My best friend Amber is pregnant too but she is 15 and her hubbie is Derrick is 18 we are all living together in a condo Amber and I told our parents on the same day and we both got called names and got kicked out of the house!!!We cant decide if we should breast feed or not any suggestions?


twins boys and two year old girl

i told my husband brian that we were a baby so thats what we thought until ultrasound showed two babies .he was in shocked and he was holding our little girl april rose .then he got excited start to smile sarah there our babies .we had some names picked out already .so when babies came we had a waterbirth and got to catch our first baby a boy name brett then two minutes latter bryce came very busy with three year old one year old twins but i would trade it for anything in the world.


Bumpy Road

I met my first boyfriend when i was 15. we instantly clicked and have been dating ever since. we moved slow with out sexual relations as we were both virgins. but on the night of my sixteenth birthday i gave it up to him. i thought it was the right thing to do because we loved each other. two months later i found out i was pregnant. i cried for hours until i threw up. i was so scared. i was not the kind of girl this happened to, i took a year off of school my junior year to be homeschooled and work during the day to save up for a nursing program at a good college. i was a good student and my boyfriend was too. i am white and he is black so my dad had trouble accepting it at first but i live with my mom. it was so hard telling my boyfriend and my mom. then his parents. then i had to tell the rest of my family.

when i was about 5 months pregnant i found out more crazy news. i was having twin girls. fraternal. i was excited and scared. at work at the restarautn i worked at i got dirty looks from the couples. i was growing so huge, and i had so much support from friends and family. i always knew my first daughter would be Bryleigh Shantel, the middle name for my mom. So my boyfriend suggested the other baby be Brielle Lydia. Lydia being his moms name.

my pregnancy got dangerous as i fell really ill in my 8th month. thehy didnt expect my to go to my due date which was christmas eve, because i was so young and having twins and all. but i woke up christmas eve morning surrounded in fluid, my water broke. i called my mom freaking out, and she called my boyfriend. my boyfriends mom, my mom and my boyfriend all rushed to the hospital with me and began the labor process. On december 24th, 2009 my daughters Bryleigh Shantel and Brielle Lydia were born 3 minutes apart via emergency c section. it was the most painful amazing experience ever. when i saw my two beautiful daughters i knew my life would never be the same. i spent chrsitmas morning in the hospital scared shitless. everyone came with presents for me and the babies and i cried all day. the girls were both a healthy 5 pounds 8 ounces and 6 pounds 3 ounces, so we all went home about four days later.

raising them has not been easy, i still homeschool now that i am a senior and i work less because i have to have my grandmother babysit the girls. they both walk and talk now, almost one. Brielle is a total daddys girl and she says dada and i love you. my boyfriend is an amazing father, but we are still teens. he has school and its not easy. by ANY means. Bryleigh had complications due to a high fever at only 4 weeks and i was so scared i was gonna lose my babygirl. she was in the hospital for 5 days, the longest week of my life. they are both great now, but it has been a long road tomake it here. every night i go to bed after bathing, feeding, changing and reading to the girls. and i wake up to them crying early every morning. i wouldnt trade it for anything but if i could go back i would have been smarter about it. i plan to marry my boyfriend when we are out of college, and i don;t want anymore kids until then. i hope that young girls today learn from all of these stories that they may be in love and it may feel good but if you are gonna do it, do it smart. because having a kid is a joy, but very hard.
having twins has also made half my family disown me, but that is the sacrafice i made for MY family and my children.


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