As wonderful as being a parent is, the postpartum period can be full of ups and downs for new moms as well as seasoned pros. From sleepless nights to a house full of guests; from postpartum depression to those precious quiet moments with your baby, tell us what those first weeks after giving birth were like for you.

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baby blues..

Well I'm 19 and a senior in high school and I just had a baby. She is now 5 days old and I love her more than anything. But for some reason I just can't stop crying. I feel alone even though I am not. I'm scared of all of this new responsibility and worried that me and her dad won't ber able to provide her with everything that she needs. Someone please help me. it might just be from the lack of sleep that's making me feel this way but i hate it.


18 With a baby

I got pregnant withmy first child at the age of 17 and ended up having he at the age of 18.When I found out that I was pregnant me and Dominic{babe-daddy}was'nt together.He ended up getting him a girlfriend,so I thought if he not going to be around and we've been together ever snce wewere in the sixth grade(Im in college now) then I know aint no boy going to be there for me and my child.So my mom and Dad lied to him and told him that I was'ntpregnant since he did'nt want t be arond anyway.So I went through the rst of my pregnancy with a boy that I dd'nt even care about.I moved in wit him and everything.He used too beat,even while I was pregnant did'nt want to run to my parents so I just stuck it out.When I had Zakia my baby in January of 2011,I could'nt keep her so I gae her up for adoption.That's also when I realized I was at my breaking point with dude.So I moved back with my parents and ended up talking to my sister and she told me that Dominic has been trying to get in contact with me,but I changed my number,and ever since I told him what happened me and him is inseprabale...


Anxiety and Panick attacks.

Hi Melissa,
I too have experienced panic attacks and anxiety, Im 26 weeks pregnant and 19 years old.I too have also felt anxious through out the day or worried for no apparent reason, It is to the point were it interferes with my daily activities, making it hard for me to enjoy anything through out my day, At the begging of my pregnancy i was experiencing horrible panic attacks, I would go to er, thinking i was dying but in reality i wasn't, i too felt like i could breath, function, or felt out of place like i was losing grip or reality. One of the things that help me with anxiety is just staying positive,staying strong, just think of things that motivate you or inspire you, keep your self busy. I still have anxiety and i live with it everday but i cant let it stop me from moving forward with my life. Even though it is there i dont care, i simply just black it out because i need to get things done. Whenever things are bad i just think about the day ill get to hold my beautiful little baby girl in my arms, i know that when she is born all of this anxiety will go away, and hopefully it will. i really hope my story helps you Melissa, just remember your not alone, your not the only one that gos through anxiety, remain strong, just hang in there! dont let it defeat you, and you dont need the meds, i promise i dont want to take meds either its not worth it, just makes the situation worse, anxiety is controlled by your mind, it nothing but a mind game,



Pannick Attacks name is Melissa and i have a beautiful baby girl of 6 months old...i love her with all mty heart but right now im suffering because of my ansiety and pannick attacks...every day i feel im going to die...i´feel weird when i go to a mall or when im alone in my house....sometimes i can´t aleep at always worry about my heart palpitations and i feel i can´t breath...i feel sad and feel i don´t worth...but whern i see my baby i prayed to God for help me be stronger...i cry because i wish i could be normal partum was by cesary and my scar still hurt when its cold....i hope i don´t feel scared of dying every husband thinks im crazy....but its hard to control the way i feel...please give some advice because i don´t want to take any scared of trying them. I already went to a psiqiatrist and he told me to take lexotan...but i din´t. im just to scared of this drugs cause a don´t want to have a fall...


Night & Day

I have been pregnant twice. I have labored twice. I have ended up with a cesarean twice. I have had two completely different recoveries.

After my first child I experienced no hint of baby blues, I was on cloud 9, and was back to doing light housework within weeks. I even started training for my first marathon before my son was 3 months old.

After my second child I expected a similar experience. To say that didn't happen would be an understatement. Instead I suffered from a "borderline postpartum depression" despite being more satisfied with my birthing experience the second time around. I also began to experience a myriad of medical problems the doctors couldn't understand, explain, or even begin to treat. My symptoms ranged from lochia that continued for 6+ months, to bouts of what felt like food poisoning but wasn't, to pain that debilitated me for minutes at a time. I went through test after test and no one could find any answers. Eventually my husband & I made the tough decision to stop breastfeeding. In direct correlation with my weaning, my symptoms began disappearing & within one month all of my symptoms had disappeared. Still, no one can tell me why.

I don't know if I'll be having any more children. After my second child, I felt certain that I wouldn't, but lately I've been reconsidering. The reality is, every pregnancy is different. I won't know what another will be like unless I live it.


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