Third Trimester

You're almost there! Only 12 more weeks until you welcome your new bundle of joy into your family! From your baby's fetal development to recent prenatal care ultrasounds, we want to hear all about your third trimester. And don't forget to share your stories about planning for labor, choosing natural labor, or preparing for breastfeeding. We are here to support you throughout your third trimester!

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34 Weeks n Counting

Hi im 19 years old and 34 weeks pregnant with my first child, a boy. At first i was very scared, but then i realized that i actually created this human being, hes a part of me, so things became good. The beginning of the pregnancy was horrible, i had morning sickness terribly. I was getting sick every minute of every hour, i couldnt stand it. Finally at like the end of the 4th month it finally stopped. So i figured everything was goin to be good now, which it was. But after the morning sickness, came the weight gain, then the stretch marks, then the back pain, then, the swelling. I couldnt believe how quickly everything came. The best part was when i acutally started feeling him move around inside me. It was like nothing i felt before, now thats all he does it move around. But ill tell you i cannot wait for him to be here, so i can hold him. I love my little angel alreadyy.

Christina Marie

29 weeks

I am a mother of two girls and am expecting my third child in August. I am scheduled for a c-section on August 14th,2009.I am nervous because this makes my third c-section. My husband and i was not expecting to have this one so soon but, couldn't be any happier.We wouldn't change it for nothing in the world.Wish me luck with baby boy.


I love you honey, but get out of me!!

My due date is July 18th and I am almost 34 weeks pregnant. The third trimester has been by for the hardest one for me. My back hurts so bad, and Im finally sleeping... but eight hours isnt enough i sleep way past that and Im still exhausted and falling asleep! I really can't wait for him to be here.. but I just wish my due date would just hurry up! I've been really thirsty and goodness I am HOT.. I can't believe Im going to be pregnant in July!! So.. that's my story... I have it out of my system now so i feel a little better. good luck to all the mothers to be out there and I feel for all of you because I know what you all are going through.


abdomen pains every day

am a mother of 36 six years a singl e mother this is a third child .my baby is kicking several times a day and i eat more than last piriod were before twentieth december 2008 IM STAYING IN RURAL EREA where there are no ultra sound .im crazy to know if im carried a boy or girl my other problem is that father of my baby is not there for me but he cant wait ot see.ialmost fight every time we see each other ,this is fustrating me,.im always tired and having back pains .idont if il cope with exam next month.


Long wait!

Hiya, i am 20 years old, and 33 weeks pregnant with twins (boy/girl). I wasn't that shocked when i found out i was having twiins because there are that many sets in my family i was almost garenteed them, me and my boyfriend were very happy though. i had the most greatest pregnancy up until 7 months, before 7 months i had no strech marks, no complications, no scares, no pain, no trouble sleeping. Then it all came in one, i was experiencing exessive back pain, abdional pain so the hospital asked me to come and see them, they kept me in over night and gave me two injections of steroids for the babies lungs. the back pain has worsened, my legs are swollen, and recently i woke up with a really sore armpit with a little pea sized lump, it terrified me but just turned out to be strain because of the growth of my breasts. the pregnancy hasn't been that good for me but i love the fact that i am going to have a lil boy and girl soon to show to the world and show them what i and my boyfriend have created, its a hell of a wait, alot of work but i guess in the end it is so worth it when you couldnt imagine loving something so much in all your life "the love of your child" i cant wait!!!!! sarah x x

Sarah Louise

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