Third Trimester

You're almost there! Only 12 more weeks until you welcome your new bundle of joy into your family! From your baby's fetal development to recent prenatal care ultrasounds, we want to hear all about your third trimester. And don't forget to share your stories about planning for labor, choosing natural labor, or preparing for breastfeeding. We are here to support you throughout your third trimester!

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Ready to meet my son

I am 27 years old, 37 weeks preggers and ready for this part to be completed and to meet my son. The doctors put me out of work January 3 and I was not scheduled to go out until the 12th. I have been on bedrest and am feeling very confined to my home. Due to the loss of anticipated pay and the slowness of disability kicking in, I feel like a prisoner in my own home.

The baby's room is complete, the whole house has been cleaned, I have even prepared a dinner menu for the next 3 weeks for my husband and myself, posted the Dr's #'s, emailed a baby phone tree to our parents, packed my hospital bag, packed the baby's hospital bag and now what? I cannot concentrate to read a book. I have tried; I wish I were working to tell you the truth.

I took up crocheting but am not very good at it, and at this point don't even want to take phone calls. My husband and I look at the ID before picking up the phone because the questions are always the same.

I find myself sleeping later and later and hate it. I usually get up at 6:45; today I woke up at noon. I am so ready to meet my son and wrap my arms around the little angel. I talk to him every day and tell him how much we want to meet him.

I need help practicing patience I guess. Thanks for listening.


Small but still feeling it!

This is my first pregnancy. Needless to say we're a tad bit off the '2yr plan' (WAY ahead of schedule! She'll be here little more than a month after our 1st anniversary!) But we are very excited nonetheless. I always knew my first would be a girl and I've had a blast getting the nursery ready. I'm slightly tall; almost 5'10 and pre-pregnancy was about 150lbs. I certainly wasn't skin and bones but I wasn't overweight, either.

My mom was pretty big in her pregnancies so I assumed it would be the same for me. Apparently I was erroneous! At 29wks, I'm only hitting about 165lbs and look more like I'm 4-5mos. Have to admit, it gets a bit tiring having people go “Oh! You're so small!” I just smile and grit my teeth but really I want to say, “I'm not getting out of this any easier than the rest!” Maybe that's what annoys me most. Just because I am small, the assumption is that I must not be as tired or achy or experiencing any of the other uncomfortable symptoms. ‘Tis not true, trust me. The only difference I think I have going is I don't have to sit up to roll over at night and I can still get my feet up (kind of) to paint my toenails.

Otherwise we're down to the home stretch, starting bi monthly appts, taking water aerobics, signed up for our various baby prep classes, cleaning out the house and trying to take as many naps as possible to get ready!

We can't wait to hold our little girl for the first time.


Like sweet and sour sweeties....

I am six months pregnant with my fourth child. I am due 5th May. I am 39 yrs old. I was 23 yrs in my first pregnancy. Someone said I should be a pro by now, but I totally disagree. It is just as scary and feels different every time with different challenges. My body is also not so young anymore. My wish was to enjoy this one, but I have struggled from the second month from a bone problem.

I envy the women that say they have enjoyed their pregnancies so much. My months have been filled with complaints to those around me, and sometimes I feel like a bit of a burden. My bones just got overly loose and painful 24/7, the heavier the baby the worse the pain. Even sleeping is a problem; the pain frequently wakes me up. My doctor is checking for arthritis now, and no painkiller I am allowed to take takes away the pain completely.

Well, on a brighter note I am excited about the baby, I hope it is a girl since I have 3 boys already. At the end of it all it will be worth it in spite of all the pain. I am praying for natural birth. All my previous births have been as quick at 45 to 10 minutes. A rare condition, but most welcome because I do not think I could bear the pain for longer periods. I salute every woman who is able to go through that for hours and hours. We definitely are not the weaker sex. I would like to see any male endure that. (I have three sons and a husband - I don’t think its possible.)

My tummy is always small and feels tight, I have never been big, but I feel heavy and very uncomfortable already. At six months I look like most women who are 3-4months, but walk like I am almost due. I hope this time I won't have to fight with the baby in the last month as she is trying to move and feel like she is rearranging my internal organs at the same some.

During my first pregnancy, when the baby was moving, people must have thought I was a bit crazy because I would spontaneously shout at my tummy telling the baby that it was actually very painful and gently pushing him a little bit to the opposite direction for relief.

All the best for all moms-to-be.


1st Baby

This is my first baby. We found out that it is a girl!! Yeah!! My first trimester was brutal, with morning sickness 24/7. My second trimester was the best. No ailments, no sleeping issues and some belly showing.

I’m in the 3rd trimester and am currently dealing with hemorrhoids, sleeping issues, and problems rising up from the couch or bed. It is all worth it though when I feel her kick and move, which is more frequently now at 31 weeks.



Well I don’t know how to start.... I am 28 weeks now. When I was 6 weeks I went to get an ultrasound and they told me that the sack of the baby was full with water and there was no baby.... Then they repeated it two weeks after and they finally saw the baby.... Everything started wrong ...

Then when I was 18 weeks I went to the hospital for a level two ultrasound and the baby seemed to have a white dot in the heart. They thought that the baby was going to have Down syndrome.... Everything when downhill from there. I called the ob I had at that time and he told me he made a mistake doing the blood test that. He thought I was 15 weeks and I was only 13weeks at that time then my ob repeated the blood test that same day and I got the result three days later. They were negative - thank God!!!!!

Then when I was 20 weeks I got this fever from I don’t know where for like for a week. I had to stay at the hospital for a week and half... That was when everything started. When I was 22 weeks I had to go back to the hospital because of a kidney infection. I stayed there for another two weeks...I was kind of going in and out of the hospital ... All the nurses knew me at that time. Then two weeks after I didn’t feel my baby move for two days.

I asked my mother and she said that was normal but when I got home I told my best friend and she recommended I call my doctor which I did and he said, “go to the hospital right now”. I was back at the hospital and once again they monitored my baby. Everything seemed to be fine but after few hours they did another ultrasound and they realized the baby’s umbilical cord was around the neck.... That really scared me... The ob told me, “you are going to have to stay here until we have to do emergency c-section.”

Well that was at 8:00pm. The next morning the doctor comes and he is like, “you are fine to go home.” I didn’t know what to say but I felt something was wrong... I went home that day... The next day I started looking for a new ob, which I found that same day and got an appointment for the same day. He seems to be very good. I hated my previous ob. Now I am very happy even though I thought it was going to be hard to find a ob with almost 27 weeks.

This doctor did another ultrasound in his office and said the baby’s cord was not around the neck anymore but still I am very scared now!!!! I have had three previous miscarriages and that's horrible. Now I am 28 weeks and I sometimes don’t feel the baby move and it scares me because my baby is a kicker...It's a girl.

I hope everything goes better from now on ...but is very hard to think family thinks I am a freak but it's not easy not to be one. I have been married for 4 years. I got married when I was 16 years old. My husband was I am 20 and my hubby and is 27 years....

Hoping to have a healthy girl on April 7, 2007 and wishing good luck to you all!!!!!!!!

yanisleidy aguero

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