Third Trimester

You're almost there! Only 12 more weeks until you welcome your new bundle of joy into your family! From your baby's fetal development to recent prenatal care ultrasounds, we want to hear all about your third trimester. And don't forget to share your stories about planning for labor, choosing natural labor, or preparing for breastfeeding. We are here to support you throughout your third trimester!

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A bran new life..

Hello i found out i was pregnant at 17 but the funny thing is i never really found out i was pregnant until i was 6 monthes pregnant ! , how does somebody not know your pregnant its possible i didnt get big i didnt get any symptons i was living life normally instead of me not getting my period but my perid was always messed up so i never thought nothing of it but my boyfriend made me take a pregnancy test and came back positive , not know how far a long i really was i went for an abortion and i was in the chair right before the doctor was going to operate they checked how far along i was first with an ultra sound and they told me i was 6 monthes pregnant and they cant not do the operation my eyes filt with tears and ran out of that office as quick as i can my boyfriend came with me and i told him that were going to have to have this baby with so many worries i was so depressed and sad because i knew my whole will change completley my boyfriend wasnt mad he was just confused we've been going for almost 4 years now so its not like were strangers and we love eachother so much so i told my parents and he told hes and happily both side of our parents support us and are waiting for this baby to come just as much as we are not only that myy family treats me nicer well it seems like everybody does.
Me and my boyfriend are now excited for our baby boy to come in this world and hes due december 18th 2010 and i cant wait but very scared for the delievery but it will be worth all the pain because i cant wait too my baby me and my boyfriend are planning to get married and move out soon and luckly he has an amazing paying job so im not scared of take care of my baby finacially i guess this is what god set for me too be mom im just hoping hes a healthy baby and they my boyfriend will stand by me forver and who knows when we get older there might be another :)


adorable little boy

We were planning to have a 2010 baby boy, March 5 I discovered that i was 5weeks pregnant I had a huge appetite that lasted 2weeks, from there i got sick i couldn't eat even drink water i lost weight from 70Kg to 64Kg i was so worried thinking that my baby wont grow to my surprise i discovered that the baby was fully developed, I had a few heartburn, feet were swelling. My doctor helped by prescribing tablets for nausea my appetite returned but I was only eating Avocado&bread, everyone was telling me how ugly I am.Now i am OK but cant walk properly i feel the baby stuck between my legs and that gives stress at night I cant stretch my legs and my bums are so painful. I am 30 weeks and my baby is due on the 22 October by Caesar


16 pregnant:)

When i found out that i was pregnant i was 7 weeks and 6 days. I had no doubt in my mind that i wanted to keep my baby. The father was so happy to hear the news. But yet in reality it didnt seem real to me until i felt the first movements:) This was an exciting moment for me. The first time the father felt the baby move was also an incredible moment. But later as time progressed we started having some problems. He always wanted to go out with his friends and stay out all night and you know i can understand that this is changing his life to and not just mine, but i also felt alone and it hurt me. And i was hurt even more when he asked if we could take a break. During that 2 day break period he had already been hanging out with one girl in particular, but claimed nothing is between them. This happened in late may and i still to this day have problems with her. But no matter what he decides to do thats fine i'll always have my baby to keep me happy:)
31 weeks


My Baby Boy :)

Hi. My Name is Jade, I'm 16, and I am currently 27 weeks 1 day pregnant with my first child. About 6 weeks ago I found out I am having a boy! Ethan Michael is due September 28, 2010! The day before his fathers 18th birthday. Me and the father were only together for about 3 months when I got pregnant. I got pregnant with my baby boy about a week after Christmas and my birthday. Even though I'm so young it is unbelievable how supportive my family has been. They are so excited and they know I'm going to be the best mommy I can be. I wish the weeks would go by faster. I am so ready to meet the beautiful baby boy I have been raising. Even though I'm only almost 7 months, I feel like Ethan can't get any bigger. Lol. He feels so heavy on my pelvis and back. Ethan is currently breech, but he still has plenty of time to turn around, which I'm hoping he does! :) I plan on breast feeding even though I'm a little nervous about it. I'm scared as heck of labor but I have to be strong enough for my baby boy. I can't wait until he is here. :D Congratulations to all you other mommies to be!


My Pregnancy Story

Hi. i am expecting my first child. a baby girl.
My name is Heather and i am currently 31 wks and 2 days pregnant. I just turned 25 this past may and my daughter Kaylie (sounds like KayLee) is due august 3rd.
I have been diagnosed with depression as well as anxiety since i can remember. later on in life i was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. maybe there are others out there with these annoying disorders who are pregnant. maybe i can help. maybe to know u are not alone will be enough.

this wasnt a planned pregnancy but such a sweet and beautifal surprise between my boyfriend and i. i was and still am taking 50mg of zoloft altho it doesnt help my depression, it was better to stay on it that to quit entirely by the time i was able to see the doctor. i was 3 months pregnant when i first saw my obgyn, who then recommended me to see a Parinatologist because of the zoloft and a few other reasons. **always go with what your doctor reccomends, or if u want, go ahead and get a second opinion**

so back to the beginning of pregnancy - i was just about nonstop sick and throwing up for 4 months straight. i was amazed at my super-smeller! i could smell thigns from a mile away and still do.

a few funny moments when the hormones starte to rage - i would get annoyed at how loud my boyfriend would chew his food. i wouild look at him with such a look of "how dare he chew so loud in front of me!". i dont know where that all came from but it was just driving me nuts! then there was a point when his breathing would bother me. again - too loud for my ears. i thought to myself "whats WRONG with him?? holy cow!!!" all the while he would be eating and breathing normally. i guess with the throwing up and feel nausus really wore me out. 4 months of that!!
but also 4 months of a wonderul caring sweet and gentle boyfriend holding my hair up and cleaning up messes i accidentally made.

i became depressed and it would just be one bad roller coaster ride. the increase in hormones from the pregnancy was not helping either. and i coulldnt adjust my dose of zoloft either. i also started to feel fat and un-pretty. i would also accuse my bf of cheating on me.

it wasnt all bad tho!! being that i am a first time mother - to - be (same with the father) ive had a few scares, nothing that wasnt normal but at the time i didnt realize it. the implantation bleeding sent me to the hospital. i didnt know it was implantation i just saw a teeny little bit of blood and freaked. i also slipped down the stairs and went to the er. everything was okay with baby and mommy altho i had gotten really freaked by those stupid stairs. i also couldnt remember feeling her move as much as she "normally" did so again i went. and again everything was fine. i guess i forgot out little ones have sleepy time and they arent always on the go. but if u ever feel worried GO TO THE DOCTORS. NO MATTER HOW SILLY IT MAY SEEM. NOTHING IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE SAFETY OF UR BABY AND U ARE THE FIRST LINE OF DEFENSE!! all in all im very glad i went because it was able to reassure me and calm me down and when mommys calm then so is baby.

the second trimester was alot better. depression would wean and i would go out and do things.
i also developed very swollen feet and ankles towards the end of my 2nd trimester. uncomfortable is all.

now im into the 3rd trimester and ive been feeling fatigued alot along with heartburn and indigestion! tums really helps for me.

unfortunatly my blood sugar is elevated at around 186. i have gained about 40lbs, but thats okay. ive accepted it and i will defanitly be able to do alot more activity once the baby is born. i get out of breathe really easily, getting in and out of the car isnt easy, and niether is rolling over in bed! my bf makes little jokes about that but its good to smile :) cant be taking life so seriously all the time!

i plan to breastfeed for hopefully 3 - 4 months. i know they say its good for a year but i dont feel comfortable with that., it might change once i give birth.

ive also applied for WIC for myself. its a wonderful program for pregnant women and u can apply for the baby as well and it will cover the baby until its 5 yrs old. its for low income women. they also offer free breatfeeding classes! its federally funded so if this sounds like a good idea to u, check it out :)

the baby has been doing well. good strong heartbeat between 154 and 156. shes very active little lady.

ive felt a few braxton hicks contractions, they feel like a tightening across my belly , nothing too uncomfortable but last night i was having cramping that felt like those warm deep menstraul cramps. the cramps could have been from kaylie stretching.

i plan to have her vaginally if all goes well and i plan to get the epidural. i am a mixture of excited and nervous. and im also ready not to be pregnant anylonger! i will miss feeling the baby move in my tummy tho.

ive been having really weird dreams all thruout the pregnancy. i wanted a boy at first and i felt it was a boy. during this time i was having dreams that it was a girl and lo and behold its a baby girl! :) pretty neat, huh? we didnt have any baby names picked out yet and i remember getting the ultrasound pic of her profile from the same set that we found out she was a girl , looking at her picture , taking a nap , and looking at her picture again and her name just came to me. Kaylie Alice.

so my fam and his family are so excited for the baby. its almost unbelievable how im going to be a mother. truthfully i never thought this would happen to me! god has truely blessed us.

thanks for reading.


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