Third Trimester

You're almost there! Only 12 more weeks until you welcome your new bundle of joy into your family! From your baby's fetal development to recent prenatal care ultrasounds, we want to hear all about your third trimester. And don't forget to share your stories about planning for labor, choosing natural labor, or preparing for breastfeeding. We are here to support you throughout your third trimester!

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third baby

i am 26 years old and this is my third pregnancy. i have a 7 year old son who i had a lot of problems with when i was pregnant with him. i had pre eclampsia and gestational diabetes he was born at 36 weeks and is now very healthy. i also have a 4 year old girl who i had no complications with through my pregnancy until the end when my blood pressure increased and i was induced five days after my due date she was a very healthy girl at 8lb 3oz after my son only weighing 6lb. i am 29 weeks pregnant now and the baby is in traverse position i have a low lying placenta. i know the baby should move but i can't help but think she won't. i am feeling very concerned that i will have to have a c section which i really don't want to happen.

jamie c

2nd Turn

I am 28 and pregnant with my 2nd child. A girl!! Very excited. I have a 5 year old boy from my first marriage. He is as excited as the rest of us to be a big brother. This is my fiancee's 1st baby. He's so happy!

My sons pregnancy was easy, except that I got big... FAST! As soon as my 6 months kicked in, I blew up. Being a 1st time mom, I didn't know any different, so I was fine. Sore back, sore pelvis and waddled like a duck. Other than that, I was great. I ended up being induced on St. Patty's day (3/17) 2001. 8 oclock in the morning, which, may I mention, was 5 days AFTER his due date. I remember getting some pretty bad contractions after the Pitocin kicked in. My reliever was to quiet everyone around me and close my eyes. I focused that the pain was just that...pain...I couldn't stop it and it was natural to feel like that. THEN..... I needed drugs. LOL!!!!! Had 3 shots of the Epidural total.
My contractions were topped off the chart for over 2 mins at a time. My son's heart rate would decrease and the doctor would flip me around in all different directions until it went back up. By 10:30 pm that night (13 hours later) They decided on a c-section due to his heartrate decrease. He was born almost a half hour later. They figured out why his heart rate would drop... he was 9lbs 14 oz!!!!! I was 105 before I got pregnant and weighed 140 at full term. 25% of my weight gain was literally my son!

This little bundle of joy, so far, has been giving me nothing but issues. I had early bleeding, which was a first, lots of neausia and vomitting, dizzy spells, small nose bleeds, (which I've NEVER had one before... NEVER), almost passed out once, HEARTBURN!!!!... so bad that it would make me throw up, (UGH... the worst!!), back aches, hip pain, sore feet and buttocks, yeast infection, a UTI, she was breech for a while and now at 36 weeks, I am having Braxton Hicks. Big ones after intercourse. Also, about 10 mins after each one, I have to have a bowel movement. I am SOOOOO ready to have this baby. Even eating makes me uncomforatble. I've only gained about 25 lbs, as I started this pregnancy at 118 and I'm now 142 and a 1/4. Hopefully, she won't be HUGE like her brother. She kicks like she's already a year old though. WOW.... I don't think I remember him being this active.

So, Scheduled c-section this time. Aug 15th. 33 days and counting.

I am proof that every pregnancy IS different.



First Baby Boy!

I'm 16 and having my first baby boy, and hopefully the only one for a long time! I'm so excited about having my little one because I always thought that I could never have children. I'm 36 weeks pregnant and I'm ready to have him, my body is killing me and I hate feeling like this even though when my baby starts moving changes everything! I love to feel him kick, but when he gets the hiccupps, then I don't like those because they make me feel kind of sick. I hope that he hurries up and comes and so I can meet him and do everything a mother wants to do with her child, Love him! I already love my baby and even though his father and I aren't together anymore, I know that his dad loves him almost as much as I do. All I'm scared about is that something might go wrong since I am a pretty small person (before getting pregnant, I weighed 96 pounds!) and it just doesnt seem possible for me to have a vaginal birth. I'm afraid of getting a C-section since it is a major surgery and I just don't ever want to get cut open for anything, of course, unless it's a must to get my baby out! Well I'm going to stop so I don't get anyone else bored with this long story!


2 year pregnancy!!

I'm in my 33rd week of pregnancy and I feel like I'm going to go crazy waiting for the last 5 weeks! My son is almost 11 months, he was born last August and I am now due again this August!! I realize now that I had it easy the first time around, I could eat, sleep whenever I wanted, but with a baby who is now crawling and getting into everything there is no time for rest even on the days my feet and legs are so swollen I can barely walk. My husband is helpful at times, but I am still the main caretaker due to him having to work and pay all the bills, well and not doing things the way I do them, so then throwing a fit and just doing it myself anyways:-) It is soooo hard right now, I feel like the day is never going to get here. I am scheduled for my c-section in 5 weeks due to the fact my first one was too big and had to have one with him. I keep hoping he will come early even though I know it's healthier if he doesn't, anyone else feel that way?


First baby

I am 24 and having my first baby. It is a boy, which is really weird for me to say. I realize there is something living inside me, but it is crazy to think that this little baby boy is going to come out of me. I am 31 weeks, and the time is going by so fast. I am of course nervous about the labor and delivery, but I was lucky enough to see a friend have her daughter and it helps me realize that I am going to be fine. I sit and worry about it, but I have learned that you just take things as they come. There is no stopping now, and I can't wait to see what he looks like.


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