Third Trimester

You're almost there! Only 12 more weeks until you welcome your new bundle of joy into your family! From your baby's fetal development to recent prenatal care ultrasounds, we want to hear all about your third trimester. And don't forget to share your stories about planning for labor, choosing natural labor, or preparing for breastfeeding. We are here to support you throughout your third trimester!

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Adding to the family

My name is Ashley and I'm the mother to a wonderful 2 year old son. I am also pregnant and this time its a girl! I'm excited and really scared as my due date gets closer and closer. I'm living with my finance's parents because we lost the apartment we were living in. We have nothing ready and it's not looking good for finding a place soon.
My finance and I were not expecting our 2nd child so soon but I wouldn't change anything. I'm excited to meet my little girl to balance out my family.
I am getting too big to be comfortable anymore and my back is killing me but I guess it's a small price to pay for creating a beautiful baby. I'm in week 32 and I have a scheduled c-section on May 22. Times ticking till I finally get to meet her, Irelynn LeeAnn. My son is going to be such a wonderful big brother too!!


Complicated AND High Risk

I got married in May, and found out I was about 3 1/2 weeks pregnant in August. From the very beginning
I was categorized as high-risk since my sister-in-law was born with severe spina bifida (which can be genetic). I also was in a car accident that royally screwed my neck and back as well as causing me to develop arthritis, DDD and Fibromyalgia, so I was categorized as having a complicated pregnancy from Day 1. I accepted all of this, especially after having 2 miscarriages, and being told my chances of conceiving were only 25%, and that my actual chance of carrying a child to full term (or close to) were less than 25%.

I was so excited, I didn't care about the morning sickness, for the first 20 weeks... Until I barely gained any weight... that's when my doctor diagnosed me as having hyperemis gravidis (spelling?) or SEVERE morning sickness which required me to take prescription medication just to keep WATER down. I ended up losing over 16 lbs, and I was SO scared. Then, around 24 weeks, I developed SPD, or severe loosening of the pelvic girdle, which makes walking, sitting, sleeping, everything essentially so painful. I've been on modified bed rest since 4 months!!! This was due to the morning sickness, and the SPD just confirmed it.

Well, at 33 weeks, my psychiatrist noticed I was having heart palpitations, so I mentioned this to my OB, who sent me in for an EKG. This came back as me having tachycardia AND left atrial abnormalities... so I was sent to a Cardiologist (after my OB scared me and told me it might come down to an emergency c-section to save my life rather than letting me go into labor naturally). After having all the tests that the Cardio ordered, the results were finally in... My tachycardia (too fast heart beat) was within safe range for the most part, so postpartum I will be rechecked and most likely be put on heart medication to regulate this condition. ALSO, he told me that I have a few leaky heart arteries, which are common, but need to be monitored. THEN he tells me that although my thyroid tests were normal, it was enlarged, and now my OB is going to send me in to see an Endocrinologist.

Oh, did I mention that the amount of protein in my urine has been slowly increasing, so I am borderline pre-eclampsic, and at 33 weeks, I was already thinning, so I'm at a high risk of pre-term labor.

All of my life I have dreamed of having children, but given the way this pregnancy is going my hubby and I have talked about this being the only pregnancy, although we both want to have one girl (which is what we are having) and having one boy...Our final decision maker will be what the doctor recommends and how labor goes (IF I get to labor that is, still might need to have a scheduled C-section.)

I know this will sound stupid, but because of all the complications so far, I haven't had a baby-shower, and I just found out that the "friend" who was suppose to throw it completely FORGOT, so I'm really depressed over this, which is silly, but I just wanted one day to focus on the positive - and to be spoiled... Mu hubby works so hard to try and support us in this economy, but we are barely making it since I can't work, and had it not been for my dad, and his dad, we would only have a few outfits... Thankfully for grandpa's we have almost everything we need!!!! And my best friend is really trying her best to help as much as possible (she has 3 boys, one's 6, one's 3, and one's 9 months...)

I'm not trying to scare anyone, I just desperately needed to vent!!!



i'm 37 weeks ... i can't really wait for a cuple of weeks more !! i just want to know miy little baby... i feel some pain "at night" i can't sleep ...i'm too thin and my baby is sooooo big !! it's so tired for me ... but any way i think that being pregnant is the most wonderful thing ...


Love being pregnant

Have been spending some time reading everyones stories, they have been great and each is so different. I just wanted to post that i love being pregnant. It has actually been a lot easier than i thought it would be (so far) and compared to some of the stories i have read and stories my friends have told me i have had a very easy time so far. I was sick the first 13 weeks, but nothing that i couldnt handle. I only physically got sick about 4 times or so, other than that i just felt off and like i could throw up, but thankfully felt better after i ate. I have had a lot of heartburn, but other than that...nothing! No pain, no aches nothing. i have tried to stay active, i havent stopped doing anything. I was bigger than i wanted when i got pregnant, and have only gained 6 pounds so far ( i am 28 weeks, almost 29) so i have tried to walk at least 30 minutes a day, i eat anything and everything. i just find i naturally eat less since there is not enough room for the food and the baby. Just wanted to say good luck to everyone. if i can give one peice of advice, i would say stay active ( even if you dont work out) but do as much as you can and move as much as you can. i havent even been tired, even in the first trimester. and i really think it is due to staying active. goodluck everyone. i just hope the last 12 weeks go as easy as the first 28.

jennifer kent

38 weeks

Im 38 weeks today the past 4-5 days iv been feeling like i need to start my period...iv been feeling little pains and uncomfortable i can't really get much sleep at night anymore these last 14 days are gonna be horrible and long... i just want my baby to come having a baby on valentines day would be fun and all but i wouldn't mind having her early... everyone thinks im gonna go next week but im not getting my hopes up because if i do ill prob. end up being a week late!
and i don't want that... i found out i was 1 cm dilated last tuesday 36 w and 3 d. Hopefully monday ill have some progress!


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