Twins and Multiples

Being pregnant with twins, triplets or more can bring its own set of pregnancy experiences with it. If you've had a twin or multiple birth, share your story with us! Were your pregnancy symptoms more intense? How did you prepare for your babies' birth? Impart your words of wisdom to future moms of twins, triplets, and even quadruplets.

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I had a Misscarriage last 24 of was so sad because the doctor told me i was going to have two babies, ohhh I was so happy and so my husband and family.
Then the 24 of december I felt a terrible pain and started bleeding and I knew something wrong was happening, called the doctor went to the hospital and there we confirm the babies were gone, I had only one and a half month but I feel I never in my life will forget my angels...never will be the woman I was before this experience.


My Awesome Husband

Six weeks ago I gave birth to quadruplets (4 kids) and it was the most painful experience of my life. But my husband has made it much more bearable because when he comes home from work each day he tells me how beautiful I look (I go around the house wearing an old vest top and shorts! and with 4 six week olds I'm sure my face and body does NOT look nice!) and says I should go lie down and he will take care of the kids for a couple of hours. So this is just to prove I have the best husband ever!!! Love you James!! xxx


what happens when you have sex without a condom

Hey, I'm stella and i now am 17 but i was 5 at the time when i fell pregnant.

I fell pregnant at a party, it was my bestie friends 16th and her 17 year iold brother and I were getting desert and suddenly we started kissing and pashing and then soon we were in his room with no clothes on having sex, without a condom. I asked him about a condom and instantly he got up and put a condom on, but sadly it was too late.

At school one day i was eating lunch and i just suddenly through up, my friends were grossed out but thought it was just ick and i ent home feeling ill. I had missd 3 periods and it didn't really hit me until i was 22 weeks pregnant, I went to te doctor with my older sister ho was 23 at the time and i was told i was pregnant. All she wantedto know was who the father was, When i told her it was Jett (besties brother) she was shocked andtold me i had to call him. So i did.

When i called him to tell him he seemed shocked and really happy also. He told me he would support me and also asked if he could be at the birth. I said yes and felt happy that at least one person wasn't mad at me.

When i told mum and dad they kicked me and my sister out of the house so she went and lived with her boyfriend and i wnt andlived with my bestie. Who didn't know i was pregnant until i started to get huge then i told she. She asked who the dad was and I told her it was jett, she was really upset and mad but she was also very supportive and kind.
Jett loved watching my belly grow and feeling the kicks. When i had my untrasound it indicated that i was having triplets. I was so shocked and so waas jett but then he seemedhappy thinking that he could kick a footy around with 3 little boys.

I didn't stop school because i wanted good grades because i wanted to be a Doctor...

Soon the time had come and suddenly i had really wet feet, I was in labor delivering 3 babys outta my puss without mum. But i did have someone way more special than mum. Jett
When the first baby came out itwas covered in blood and guts and Jet didn't like that. The first one was a little girl. We named her Summer, Jett was so exited we had a litle girl and so was I, I didn't want ALL boys.
When the second one came out, Jett grabbe him straight away. it was a boy. Jett was amazed. Itwas pretty funn to watch. We named him Tyson.
When the third one came out i hoped for another girl, but insted it was a little dude again. Alll jett's family including my bestie came in and helped name the boy who we ended up naming him France- wesslie.

Now i am 17 and am pregnant with our 4th child but second pregnancy. I am 34 weeks pregnant with ONE this time. ahaha. But i has been awesome and jett and I are still living together and are classed as a couple. Which is awesome,
Jett and I loved the whole expreience of pregnancy so we decided to go for a second time but 4th child. My 'rents still done wat anything to do with me or there grandchildren. I doesn't worry me i have Jett' Paents who love me and there grandchildren alot. Jett is now 20 and is becoming a builder. I am becomign a doctor and am now in year 11.

* Summer (born at 5:09 am)
* Tyson ( born at 5:22am)
* France- wesslie (born at 6:00am)

Thanks for reading!!! xxxxxx


Staying Strong

I was only 15 when I found out I was pregnant. My boyfriend and I had been together for almost three years, he is 2 years older than me. Our families are very close so we've known each other all our lives.
At 16 weeks pregnant we found out we were having twins, but we chose not to find out the genders. My pregnancy was complication free, thankfully. At 35 weeks my water broke in the middle of the night. We went to the hospital and the next day I had a c-section - we welcomed into our lives Benjamin Todd (4lbs 6oz) and Addyson Rose (5lbs 1oz). Both babies came home with us. Now they are 3 months old and my boyfriend and I are still together and we are enjoying life as a family.



Finally, the pregnancy test came back positive. After ten years of trying, my husband and I were expecting a child! I was a 36 year old teacher (I still teach fifth grade), married for fourteen years, and desperate for a baby. This was our third round of IVF, and after round one yielded a negative followed by round two which resulted in a chemical pregnancy, I was ecstatic but incredulous as well-could this be just another chemical pregnancy? This time we had transferred two embryos instead of one, so I was hopeful.

The first ultrasound showed two amniotic sacs, and we were told we were expecting twins. I was delighted-finally we would have a family. My stomach grew rather quickly and I excitedly bought maternity clothes and, once I hit Week 12, told everyone at work the good news that I was expecting twins.

The next ultrasound yielded a surprise-there were two babies in one of the sacs! Both embryos had taken and one had split into identical twins-I was having triplets! My husband and I were excited but nervous-triplets are often premature, and that can lead to health problems. Also, we worried about our ability to parent three newborns. Our worries were eclipsed by the joy of having a family though, and our three little sweet peas were all wanted and loved.

We received bad news that same day- the identicals were mono-mono twins. They had a 50/50 shot of survival and if they didn't live, their sibling would be affected and could even die as well. We were heartbroken. The doctor talked to us about selective reduction-we could abort the identicals to give their sibling a much greater chance of being born alive, healthy, and close to if not at term. My husband and I seriously considered it, but neither of us could abide the idea of terminating two of the desperately-wanted triplets. We are both agnostic atheists-religion didn't factor in- but we ultimately decided to continue with aggressive monitoring for complications. I wondered if I was being selfish-if I lost all three it would be my fault the third one wouldn't get a chance at life. Still, I didn't want to bring the little one into the world alone, having deprived his or her siblings of their chance. If I were expecting quads, or if there was a safe way to only reduce one identical, I do think I would have done it, as hard as that is to admit.

I was extremely lucky-the triplets did well. At 18 weeks I learned that all three were girls. My stomach did get huge, I had to go on bed-rest at 25 weeks, and I developed gestational diabetes at 27 weeks. We did contemplate delivering them when I got sick, thankfully my gestational diabetes was fairly mild and my blood sugar was fairly easy to control with diet. I had been an athlete in college, and stayed fit throughout adult life, which made it easier. I'm aware I got lucky-my gestational diabetes could've been severe, my mono-mono twins could have developed twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome, cord entanglement, etc. My third baby could have died as well. I was just lucky.

The triplets were born at 35 weeks and 5 days gestation. They spent a week in the NICU as feeders/growers and showed no signs of brain damage, lung problems, or vision problems. The identicals, Amy and Amanda, were only an ounce apart in weight, and the singleton, Alyce, two ounces bigger than her larger sister. My gestational diabetes disappeared. I was extremely lucky- far more lucky than most. There was a very low chance the girls and I would be as healthy as we are. I do not think anyone can really make decisions based off of our story.

The girls are now eight years old. Alyce has ADHD, dyslexia, and dysgraphia, probably due to oxygen depravation associated with being the third-born triplet during the birth. She is doing really well on her ADHD medication-she is still active, creative, and fun loving, but can now focus on her work and achieve in school. She does well in school-her math skills are amazing, and she has many friends. She's obviously very intelligent. Her dyslexia is severe so reading is a challenge, but she works very hard every day to overcome it. It breaks my heart to see her struggle, but she's so positive and such a great, great girl.

Amy is our tomboy in the family. She, the first born, and only left-handed triplet, is so funny and clever. She's at the top of her class, tied with Amanda, and just loves science. It's not uncommon to see her outside, looking to find toads and insects. She's rarely seen without Stanley, our beagle. She always makes us all laugh at dinner- she's a delight to be around. All of her friends are boys, and one once said that "all girls are weird except Amy". She's a delight, and I am beyond lucky to have her here, healthy. I know she overcame horrendous odds and I am grateful for her every day.

Amanda is a shy, sensitive soul. She loves to paint, and couldn't wait to start learning the piano. She's our little artist, and is rarely seen without her sketch pad. She's the only 8-year-old I know who relishes piano practice! Her teacher says that she shows uncanny ability for someone of her age-I wonder if she'll be a musician. I was warned that such abilities could signify that she's somewhere on the autism spectrum. She's been tested for ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, and NvLD. She seems not to have any of those profiles, so I think she's just artistic :). She's fantastic to be around-it's amazing to see her being creative and doing what she loves. I am so, so fortunate to have her here, healthy and happy.

I am a lucky, lucky mother. I wish all of you going through fertility treatments the best.

Eva W.

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