Twins and Multiples

Being pregnant with twins, triplets or more can bring its own set of pregnancy experiences with it. If you've had a twin or multiple birth, share your story with us! Were your pregnancy symptoms more intense? How did you prepare for your babies' birth? Impart your words of wisdom to future moms of twins, triplets, and even quadruplets.

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Alone with 3

When i was 14 i was in a relationship with a guy named damion i though i was in love but i was rong, he turned out to be a reall JERK, i found out he was cheating on me with 2 other girls, and one was my ex bestfriend. At first i didnt believe it but when i saw them to together i just had to let him go. 2 weeks later i found out i was pregnat and i knew it was his, because i was 14 and he was the only dude i had did it with, he denied the baby and called me out my name, i thought that i was dreaming when he told me i needed to get a DNA test before he buys or does anything for my baby. I am now 16 years old and my baby is 2. She has never seen her father, and her father has never seen her. And you know what i am ok with that because, i can do bad all by myself. Of course with the help of my parents.


Teen double trouble survival

When I was 16 I was involved with a guy who I adored we started sleeping together using birth control. After two months I noticed I hadnít been having periods, I thought this was the birth control side effects. But after rigorously throwing up I started talking to my boyfriend about it. When he suggest I take a pregnancy test I was shocked and confused after being on birth control. When I had my sonogram the doctor told us it was twins. I started to panic knowing I couldnít handle one let alone two. For about 3 months I managed to keep it hidden but with two babies I started to show I had to tell my mom. He reactions didnít surprise me with her kicking me out the house and giving me a major abortion speech. After 6 months of being pregnant I was quite large my mom decided it would be better for me and my boyfriend to live with her as she and my father would help support me with the baby. I was lucky because my dad was quite well off and was able to afford to support me. On November the 19th I gave birth to two beautiful baby girls they were perfect and gorgeous. After going home it really sunk in how hard it would be we were getting up 3 to 6 times each night for hours on end feeding and rocking and changing the babies reality hit us that we both had to do some growing up. My boyfriend went back to college two weeks later which was even harder since I was looking after the twins without them having two babies was stressful there was always double the amount than one baby and going out was a real struggle with all the stuff I was carrying and the double pram. Id oftern find myself being looked apon by others giving me terrible looks as if i had done something wrong. Never did anyone offer me help when I dropped something or was struggling to carry everything. I really relied on my mother a lot! With her being a housewife she was able to help me with the babies and give me a rest every once in a while. After a month and a half I returned back to school in order to graduate I was lucky to have my mum and the nanny look after the babies while my boyfriend and I continued to get through my education. A year on and I have graduated school and am currently at the local college doing Law. My beautiful Angel and Chelsea have just turned one and are the most precious thing in my life I couldnít imagine not having them. My boyfriend and I are still together weíve had many ups and downs and been on breaks but we are working hard to keep our family together I think Iíve been extremely lucky with my family support without them I know I would of had to of dropped out of school to raise them of have put them up for adoption. I would never wish my daughters away but I wish I would have been 10 years older and married before I started my family


twin's overseas

I was already shocked to find out that I was pregnant, we were not preventing it but it only took a month. I was visiting my Australia from canada when I became pregnant, I spent most of my time in Australia and flew home for a month and we decided to have our family here. we found out at 8 weeks that I was having twins and that there were two seperate sacs, so they would most likely be fraternal. We were really excited and told all our family right away. We found out at 19 weeks that we were having a boy and girl, which we thought was perfect. I found out I had gestational diabeties at the last it of my pregnancy and that was really hard to deal with, especially when I wanted to eat a lot.
At 34 weeks I was out shopping and felt a little tired and it was reallyhard to walk and get around. I was always tired and had a really hard time sleeping. My water broke at 4 am and we were admitted in to hospital and were told that I would not have the baby right away. It could be anywhere to a week till they deliver, I guess they wanted to have them in as long as possible. My partner went home, later that evening at around 6 I started getting pains which felt like period cramps. and they didn't say that they were for sure contractions. The twins were in the wrong position so I knew that I was going to have to have a caesarian. My partner was still home and the nurse said that I would not have the babies anytime soon..the doctor came to check me and she said suddenly that I can't move and not to worry, but baby a wich was the boy, his cord was presenting. So if I was to move then the cord could have fallen out and cut off the blood supply...she had to keep her had their and they weeled me to the operating room, I immediately was scared and cried, especially that I was all alone. They did call my partner and it was about 8:30 pm at this time. It was very scary and I had to be put under for the c section. I woke up very groggy and my partner was there and I told him right away to go see make sure they were ok...they were ok but they had to go to Nicu. The boy was on Cpap but the girl was left without it. I spent a month in hospital and finally got to take them home. they weighed 4 lbs 2 oz and 4 lbs 12 oz we named them Charlize and Sebastian. They are now 3 months and are a lot of work..being that my family is in CANADA!! They are very healthy and weighing over 13 pounds and are 3 months old now and they are smiling :)


My babies

I was married at the age of 21 to my husband Lenen. We wanted to start a family young and so at 8 months into our marriage, I was pregnant. At my US, I saw the heartbeat of my baby and I was instantly in love. On September 27, Lenen and I were proud parents to Emmet Lenen, our baby boy.

We still wanted kids and since we enjoyed Emmet so much Lenen wanted to try again. I told him that since I was going to be holding the baby it should be my choice. Despite my requests, I was pregnant. I knew something was up in my pregnancy since at 11 weeks I looked like I was 6 months pregnant. My doctor told me that I was pregnant but this time with twins. We were surprised because twins don't run in our family but now they do. When Emmet had just turned 2, he added a set of siblings to his list. They were born early on October 3. We named them Lidia Emmlia and Lynn Kale.

Lenen STILL wanted kids and I agreed but not until the twins were older. Our plan lasted until they were 1 and a half and Emmet was 3 and a half. I didn't really mind that I was pregnant and I loved all of my children. Even when I was younger I knew I wanted a big family. Well I sure got a big family because yet again, I was pregnant with twins. I went into labor on my mom's birthday and my new son and daughter were born the next day. I was an only child so my mom loved having all the children around the house. In honor of that, we named our newborns Marissa Shilee and Martin Christian. So now we celebrate their birthdays either on January 16 or January 17 together.

My family couldn't be better with, Emmet 6, Lidia and Lynn 4 and Marissa and Martin 2. I still wanted kids and I got my wish. My body then got one baby. I had a boy named Justin Luke on December 15. Marissa and Martin couldn't get enough of him. They loved their little brother. With 6 kids with only 3 on school, it was hard to keep up with.

Lenen and I knew enough was enough but Marissa and Martin had just had their 4th birthday when I was pregnant again with twins. We looked back on our family trees and discovered that Lenen's uncle's cousin had a twins. So it did run in the family and it was now showing up. We found out that they would be girls. I was induced on October 23 and we now had our babies Sarah Marie and Shaleigh Kathryn to look out for.

We knew we were done but my body decided to have another. My last child Hannah Jackie was born on June 12.

So I had 9 children and I was a mother to every single one. They're the love of my life and so was Lenen. We ended up having a divorce when he wan't more kids and I told him no. So now with his new wife Kathy he has a total of 12 children and then is expecting two more.

I was remarried to Mark and we had 2 children. Marrine Hailey and 2 years later Scott Finn. I also had a stepdaughter named Rebacca. So I have a total of 12 children, 9 with Lenen, 3 with Mark and Mark has agreed with me that we're done.


So many, maybe too many

It was my first pregnancy with my husband Roger and we were delighted. When we went for my US, I found out I was going to have twins! What a surprise. Later we found out they would be girls. My girls were due in early July but were born in June of 2007. We named them Rylee Jane and Ryan Sarah.

A year later I found out I was pregnant again, this time with triplets. Roger and I were very excited since we already loved our little girls. My doctor told us that we would be parents of two boys and a girl on March of 2009. We couldn't wait! I had a c-section at the end of February and produced three lovely babies: Kylie Joy, Roger Alexander, and Kyle Lee. We knew we would be busy.

Roger and I decided that we wouldn't have any more kids until the triplets were at least 2. However in December of that year, I was once again pregnant. This felt like twins but I could never tell. The doctor confirmed this and told me my due date was September 2010. I found out that they would be twin girls and we had lots of fun picking out names. They were born on August 10th and we were then parents to Caitlynn Amanda and Claire Grace.

After all my pregnancies, I kept trying to get my body past its pregnancy body and Roger and I heard that trying to have sex helps. We decided to have sex and turned out to get me pregnant. I was still nursing my girls so I hoped it would be only one baby. However, my body had different plans. My doc. told me I was pregnant with 4! I couldn't believe it. I even considered putting them up for adoption but I knew I couldn't do it. This time Roger and I didn't find out the sex. We wanted to be surprised. I was induced on July of 2011. Our fabulous babies are Savannah Kate, Sheila Megan, Scott Hayden, and Sandy Olivia. 3 girls and a boy! It was a wonderful surprise.

This time my husband and I knew how much trouble it was and knew not to try. But I'm now pregnant with a (confirmed) one baby. We don't know the sex. If it's a girl the name will be Madison Jenna. For a boy, the name will be Luke Christopher.


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