First Trimester

Trying to get pregnant is an exciting time in a woman's life, but it isn't always easy. From counting menstrual cycles to buying countless pregnancy tests, getting pregnant is often an experience in and of itself. We want to hear about all of your experiences, from your first pregnancy test right up to your first pregnancy symptoms. And feel free to share your conception secrets with other hopeful couples!

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Sweet boy

Hi, my name is Leah. I have known my boyfriend, William, almost my whole life, but we never hung out with the same people , and rarely talked until my sophomore year in high school. We dated for three months but broke up because my parents were strict and never let me do anything with him. Twards the end of our junior, we started dating again, and were actually allowed to hang out a lot. I went to his house most night when I wasn't working... We had sex for the first time almost a month after we started dating again. I do NOT regret having sex with him. I love William with all of my heart. we lost our virginity together so I knew he loves me too. Our first time, we did not use any sort of protection.. He pulled out which is stupid and I should not have allowed that to happen. But like I said, I do not regret it. It has been 2 1/2 months since we first has sex, and I am pregnant. I haven't told anyone but him yet. I am 90% sure my dad is going to kick me out. My mom isn't in the picture anymore. My nana has always told me that if anything like this ever happened she would take me in. I really hope she means it. William is a little bit freaked out, as am I. His parents are amazing and so supportive of him. They do not know yet. I feel like I'm going to ruin his life. He plays football and plans on being a college level coach after high school. I love him so much and do NOT want to hold him back... I have no idea how to tell my dad or how he will react about this news. I pray that he will love his grandchild as he loves his own children and forgives me.


im 13 and scared

I am 13 and here is my story
I was 13 and I had been talking to a new guy at our school I got his number from a friend the conversation started as him playing the guitar for me and then grew in to us sneaking out together we both said yes next thing I knew he's begging to get in my pants I am totally uncomfortable with the situation but agree, we both go home and meet the next night again I go home in his white long sleeve t shirt and he goes home I my aggies shirt I run home tired as can be I look down as soon as I got home he was calling me I answer 'hey tonight was great and all but I am so tired', only to find out its his dad and he's pissed he wants to talk to my mom I try to get out of it eventually I wake up my mom ad we meet the guy and his dad we trade shirts and go home its been at least a month and I have gained 10 pounds my boobs are sore and I am pretty sure I am pregnant I am scared because my mom kicked my sister out at 16 for getting pregnant and calls her a disappointment to the whole family she hates my sister and I love my mom and don't want to hurt her but its to late I am starting middle school and can only imagine what the people will say to me or about me when they find out I hate myself to this day and wish I wasn't such a slut with him I really hope I am not pregnant


Crazy Decision

HI! I am Rachael, a 17 year old student currently in high school. Here is my story. Me and my boyfriend as of right now have been dating for 4 months, and we do love each other but we are struggling. How it all happened was, I noticed how he was so good with children and he saw it with me as well. I took Child Development in school for a semester and it was interesting to learn literally EVERYTHING about pregnancy along with pros and cons of teen pregnancy! We were talking about planning a baby when we were fresh out of college.. until one night. I carry a period tracker app on my cell and it tells me when I am fertile, ovulating etc. I didn't realize I was fertile that week or that day when we had unprotected sex, along with him ejaculating in me. That was ONE time! We were just confused and misunderstood my fertile days cause I remember a older friend of mine told me you cannot get pregnant if you have sex in a 7 day window of no fertility/ovulation.WRONG!! I told him that since his sister was going off to college that he should tell her cause I thought her getting a phone call in a month I was pregnant would terrify her and I would be loaded with guilt, so would he.. His sister came home that night with him (They went out to dinner when he told her) and she promised that she wouldn't tell his mom or stepdad cause it was his business to share with them, but she came home announcing it like we planned it. I was at home just trying to take a nap but I missed his 7 phone calls and I finally answered to find out his mother was in my driveway with him and his stepdad. My mom had no idea I was sexually active but my siblings knew. I told my little sister/older brother knew I was scared I was pregnant so when they showed up at my door they really supported me. I NEVER knew his mother was crazy.. literally nuts! She welcomed herself in my home and my mom was so confused. When they said I may be a mom and that my boyfriend may be a dad I was shaking in terror. My mom was hitting the grieving process FAST! She was confused, pissed and supportive at the same time. When everything was spoken his mom was pulling out how my mom used to abuse me as a child which honestly, where the hell did that come from!! Then they mentioned my eating disorder that my boyfriend spoke of in concern to with his mom months before. She is understanding but really hated the fact her son got me pregnant. I had talked to my family members and they all want me to abort, but my mom and boyfriend want this baby..weird I know! you never really know a teenage boy who wants the child. Anyways as weeks went by my boyfriend got kicked out, his mom sold his truck, and he lost his relationship with his mom, stepdad, and older sister. He has my family now and his actual father and his step mom. It all is so crazy. My mom is scared my boyfriend is gonna reconnect with his mom on terms of her rich wealthy lifestyle taking over and me being at home in two years while he goes to college. He promises me each day he never wants to leave, and he is pretty dedicated. My mind is torn between me having my future and my dreams coming true, or having a child and proving statistics wrong. I think I can do both but it will be struggling along with a lot of happy smiles from my baby. My mom is scared my baby will be born with Autism and premature, cause my cousins are Autistic (8-10) cousins, and I was born at 26 weeks at 19 ounces so my mom is in fear. She is making me live with my dad just cause she has 4 kids and she wants me to be responsible for my child and she wants to finish accomplishing her dreams and goals. Along with that I have to move in with my dad, he has to get an apartment. I am finishing my junior year at my school on June 10th and then I will be home schooled from July to October 1st so that I can be finished with my credits for schooling by the time October comes. I am 6 weeks today and I will be finishing high school in January as a early graduate, while my classmates finish in May. I will still walk with my class in January I am just really excited. I am so stressed though because of the judgement at school. People somehow found out and it is my fault cause you cant trust anyone anymore. I have a ton of support from family and friends and my mom says I am carrying like her so I am having a girl, I was hoping for a boy though. As long as the baby is okay I am happy and as long as it is healthy I am satisfied! Learned lesson from this is to USE PROTECTION!! Dont trust everyone, and dont fight back with nasty rumors, be the bigger person! I hope that anyone who has a baby can say F**k you statistics! I will graduate from tutoring, I will become a singer one day and I will be the bigger person! I hope everyone is going to be positive about their choice! I am keeping my baby! So excited!!


weird pregnancy

Hi, I'd say my story began in October 2013 this was when I decided to take the birth control injection (depo pervera) because I was running too much risk of having unprotected sex. My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years at the time and we never really had a stable birth control plan, we didn't really use condoms, at one point I would take the pill but its side effect on me was that it made me nauseous. I couldn't even look at the pill without getting nauseous some would say mind over matter but it really did affect me, so we basically used the pull out method which we all know sometimes in the heat of the moment we can't always "pull out".

Anyway I was in my second year of university and thought we were really running a risk after all we both weren't ready for a baby.So we both decided that the shot would be best because on the shot you didn't have to worry about birth control for three whole months. After getting the shot my body went out of whack my cycles were all over the place I would have spotting for two weeks straight sore boobs, cramping in abdomen, constant hunger and constipation. It was crazy at a point I wondered if I was pregnant because I had unprotected sex the same day I got the shot (not recommended by the way). I took multiple pregnancy test which were all negative. By December I took off to the doctor because of the pain in my lower abdomen, my doctor sent me to do a ultrasound after giving me another urine pregnancy test which was negative.

The ultrasound showed nothing abnormal in my abdomen or pelvic area. By this time I was getting pissed because no one could say what was up with my body (this was also another side effect crazy mood swings). In January I decided not to take the other shot because of what it did to my body. After this I didn't get my period for 4 months within this time I was searching the net for answers or for other women with similar stories as I was still have some pregnancy symptoms but all negative test. By May Here comes Aunt Flow it didn't regulate to normal right away coming every two weeks but at least i knew I wasn't pregnant.

Summer 2014 was a stressful time for me so this didn't help with getting my periods back on tract, they were still a bit out of whack and not running on there regular 28 day cycle. By the first week of September here she was again ran its 5 day course and went, by the 29 of September here she was again she was running a 21 day cycle I though oh well am getting back on tracK. On the last day of my period(was very light only needed a liner) which was October 3 I had unprotected sex a week after which was the 10th I had unprotected sex again. The next day when I was about to get in the shower I have no recollection of how it really came to my attention but I noticed discharge coming from my left breast none from my right. I was very shocked because this had never happened to me before I asked a couple friends if this had ever happened to them and they said no. the first thing that came to there mind was pregnancy, one said she though it was colostrum,I for one did not think It was pregnancy plus it would have been way too early for that. My first thought was breast cancer, not to say am dramatic or anything but cancer did run in my family and my aunt had died from breast cancer a couple years back. My thought was to get it checked by my doctor, I went to the doctor and she sent me to do a breast ultra sound, I had to wait a week to do this because that was the only appointment spot available.The week passed and I did the ultrasound the ultrasound tech told me there was nothing wrong, no lump or block glands or abnormalities , he said my doctor would have me do a blood test to check my hormones. Again this would be another week wait before I could see my doctor again.

During this time I noticed discharge was now coming from both breast and the discharge from the left breast was no longer clear but white. My boyfriend now of 5 years thought I was pregnant, I was still eagerly awaiting aunt flow and my next doctor appointment. My 21 day cycle mark came and went and no period. I was still waiting one more week before even testing because of my history with lots of negative tests which really just leaves you a bit disappointed.At 4 days late my lower abdomen felt like it normally does when aunt flow was coming on, I ran 3 times to the bathroom to check and on my third visit sure enough there was aunt flow. I was so disappointed but what could I do about it. It lasted 3 days light at first, then heavy and on the third day it went light again. Reading on-line this could have been in no circumstances implantation bleeding. On the 4th day there was no period I knew my periods were nnot too reliable lately so I thought nothing of this, I went to my appointment a week late because of circumstances however she still managed to see me. I did the blood test to check my hormone levels because I still had breast discharge. Two days later I got a call to come into office as soon as possible, me being so eager to know what's up I went immediately, My doctor told me that I was pregnant, I was so shocked because i didn't really have any pregnancy symptoms and as far as i knew I had my period a week ago. I told her this and we wrote it off as implantation bleeding though it was so heavy and period like.

I would have to wait another week again before I could see my baby. When I checked back I most have gotten pregnant Oct 3 on the last day of my light period, which made me 5 weeks at the time. I was so excited but scared at the time of what everyone would say when I told them as I was in my 3rd year of university and had 1 more to go. And because my father didn't really like my boyfriend but I knew something would work out there is always a silver lining, maybe this baby would bring them closer together who knows.

Looking back I didn't have any pregnancy symptoms only the breast discharge which I thought was hormonal imbalance and I was alot more hungrier than usual also I had to pee more but not so much to say it was a symptom.

Telling my boyfriend was the best, I went out and bought a little cute baby shoe went home and told him I had a gift for him, it was hard keeping from spilling the bean because he was asking me what's up since I stepped out of the doctors office but when I gave him the shoes and saw the smile and excitement on his face and in his smile made it all worth it to keep the secret.
I was still shaky when it came on to telling my parents though I was an adult, I was also a bit nervous about showing which I knew wouldn't take very long because I was petite, but every time I thought about my baby and watch as he/she was already loved deeply by there father as he would constantly rub and kiss my tummy, I was already in-love with he/she.

Good luck to all those trying, I wish you all the results you desire.



I have never been pregnant before. My boyfriend, of five years, and I have been having sex more often recently and we have always used the "pull- out" method mainly because we are not worried about getting pregnant. The first day of my last period was on July 24th. About a week and a half ago I started feeling strange. More tired than usual, getting break outs, my breasts hurt so bad. The following week I started bleeding, so I assumed that it was my period. But then that blood was just really light pink and very minimal, I only used two panty liners per day and it only lasted three days. Now, I've been experiencing slight nausea here and there, I'm still really tired even though I sleep all night and take naps. Some days my lower back kills me and I can't even walk or lay down. I have no changes in appetite and I've actually lost about three pounds. I'm waiting for my next period to start around the 21st. when I sit I feel fluid dripping from my vagina. I've started reading a lot of stories on early pregnancy and they are pretty similar to my situation, although I have taken two pregnancy tests and they both came out negative. My bf bought the cheap generic brand of HPT and I think that it is 40mUI so I don't trust them and I'm still feeling strange, so I will take another when I am closer to my AF. I get diarrhea and constipation, I'm burping and farting much more frequently than normal.... if these aren't early pregnancy signs then I don't know what is going on with me.

Josette Sanchez

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