First Trimester

Trying to get pregnant is an exciting time in a woman's life, but it isn't always easy. From counting menstrual cycles to buying countless pregnancy tests, getting pregnant is often an experience in and of itself. We want to hear about all of your experiences, from your first pregnancy test right up to your first pregnancy symptoms. And feel free to share your conception secrets with other hopeful couples!

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Best Cure Yet

Anyone out there running out of ideas to help cure morning sickness?? One word---- GATORADE!!!!! For some reason it eases your stomach---- nothing else worked for me except drinking Gatorade. I no longer am more than a few feet away from a drink.


I Just Knew

With my first son I knew I was pregnant when I started crying over the I Love Lucy episode where Lucy told Ricky she was pregnant with little Ricky. And with my second son I knew when all I wanted to do was sleep and all my jeans started getting too tight to wear.


Second Baby after 12 years

My husband and I were just married Dec 27, 2005. With us lives my son from a previous marriage who is 12. We had talked about wanting to have a baby, but were not really "trying." We had stopped using contraceptives in January, and were planning to actively start trying later this year.

My best friend had been trying to get pregnant and told me on a Weds. that she was. I was so excited for her and her husband, I was due to start my period on Friday, and all the premenstrual signs were there in full force, but the period never came. The cramps finally went away and were replaced with fatigue and nasuea.

We were so convinced that we couldn't both be pregnant at the same time, that I took 6 (you got it six) home pregnancy tests! Which were all positive. We are all so happy, and I get to share my pregnancy with a loving husband, son, and also my best friend!

I had previously been told that conception would be really difficult as I have had repeat treatments for cervical cancer. I mention that because I don't want other women who have been told this to worry. Getting pregnant again was effortless, and we couldn't be more blessed! Good luck to all of you!


Surprise Surprise

I'm 25 years old and having been seeing my partner for nearly 5years and never thought I could get pregnant so soon.

I kind of guessed before I done my first test on the 01/04/06 (yes I know April Fools Day of all days!!!!!) as my breasts were really really sore and hard and I was even crabbier than usual.
After I done my first test, I was shocked but pleased so I texted my boyfreind straight away. We agreeded not to tell anyone for a few weeks yet incase it was an April Fool but I couldn't control myself and told my friend straight away and a few days later I found my partner had told his freinds too.

I had the doctors the following week and just to make sure I was I bought another 2 tests and done them that morning and surprise surprise they came back positive.
We waited until I went to the docs before we told the family, the day we found out for sure was scary we told our families separate. As soon as I told each of my family they cried then I cried.

Now I'll be 12weeks on Wed the 24/05/06 and I have my first scan on Friday the 26/05/06 which I'm kind of scared about. I keep thinking I'm going to go for my scan and they aren't going to see anything. My friends keep telling me to shut up and stop being so silly.
Is there anyone else who has this feeling before there 1st scan???????

After Friday I will be able to settle a little more and start to enjoy the rest of my pregnancy.


Not As Expected,But who is complaining.....

Hi. I am 21 and married for almost 2 years and Ii was on pills till a month and a half ago. We were to go on our first holiday ever after marriage to Egypt and Ii was sooo very excited and it just turned out what I had expected it was beautiful.
Because I had just stopped taking pills that very month and waiting for my periods but strangely on the trip I had a spot on my panty but no periods. Cramps and period pain but no periods. It was very strange. I couldn't help thinking that I might be pregnant but then was it too early? Anyways, I couldn't wait to know if I was, so I got a pregnancy test from a pharmacy there and checked and waited. But when the result came negative, I don't know why but I was very upset, although I knew it might take me time to get pregnant. But still it was not what my heart was wanting.
Anyways, we came back from the trip and I felt extremely tired and sleepy and my body was giving me the signals which I get before getting periods but still no periods!!! Well I waited a few more days and when I was alone one day I did the test again and guess what? It was POSITIVE!!!
I was elated. When my hubby came from work I couldn't wait to tell him and we were both sooooooo excited!! But you know what the best part is? I don't have morning sickness at all!! I can eat anything and no nausea to worry about. It's just great!! I am having a great time. My appetite has increased and I am a bit moody and choosy about food. I don't feel like working or cooking but other than that it's absolutely wonderful!!!!!!
I hope you're having a nice time tooo. Just enjoy!!!

neha rather

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