First Trimester

Trying to get pregnant is an exciting time in a woman's life, but it isn't always easy. From counting menstrual cycles to buying countless pregnancy tests, getting pregnant is often an experience in and of itself. We want to hear about all of your experiences, from your first pregnancy test right up to your first pregnancy symptoms. And feel free to share your conception secrets with other hopeful couples!

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i feel horrible!

I have a 2 yr old and a 3 yr old...and I was never sick with either of them...everything went so smoothly I vowed to have 7 kids since it was so easy! But heck no, not anymore.

I am now 7 weeks pregnant again and feel like pure hell...I understand all those women that complained now! I can't eat...but I am starving...I can't sleep but I am exhausted! My stomach won't quite just feeling uneasy and matter how I sit, lay or stand I feel miserable...

I vowed to my husband more babies! However I am sure once I have my little baby I will forget about all this misery! I just can't wait to get that epidural and push!

marni molina

3 under 3!

I am still in total shock! My husband and I have been married for 12 years and have one adopted daughter, who is 2y/o, from China. We were told we could conceive a biological child, but that it may be difficult. We adopted our daughter 2 years ago and will be getting our second baby girl from Guatemala this fall.

Well, I have been feeling horribly sick for the past few weeks. Although my period was late, I really didn't think anything of it because I had really increased my exercise regime. In addition to that, I was in the process of going off the medication paxil, which can cause flu-like symptoms. Finally, when my symptoms did not subside, we took a test and to make a long story short, we are 8 1/2 weeks along.

We have already seen our baby via ultrasound and heard its heartbeat. Wow! Here is the kicker! My due date is 2/19. My oldest child will be 2 1/2 and my middle child will turn 1 on 2/25! Yes, we are happy, but just a little overwhelmed!! Also, I have felt so badly that it is difficult to keep my head above water! I am exhausted, queasy, and starving, all at the same time!

Megan Quigley

Trying After A Miscarriage

Hello everyone, my name is Jessica, and I suffered a miscarriage back on March 18, 2007. I will tell you how it all happened.

On January 28, 2007, I had realized I missed a period. My best friend at the time was suspicious that she was also pregnant. Well, we went out to the store that evening and bought a two pack of E.P.T Pregnancy Tests. My boyfriend and brother in tow, we went back to my apartment, drank some water to encourage nature to take its course, and waited till we had to use the bathroom. She went first. She came out, relieved with a negative result showing on the screen. It was now my turn. I walked into my bathroom, locked the door with shaky hands and took the test. I sat the test down on the counter, pulled up my pants, and waited. One minute or so later, I glanced down at the test that would depict my future. "Pregnant". I tell you what, I could not unlock that bathroom door fast enough! I ran into the kitchen where my friend, brother, and boyfriend were standing and looked my guy straight in the eye and said "You're gonna be a daddy!" I immediately started crying out of joy and happiness, and a little out of nervousness and hugged the three of them close. Tim, my boyfriend, and I had been trying for a few months, and finally, we knew, a life was growing and developing inside me.

A few days later, I called the local health department to have them take a test there. Again, it came as positive, and they gave me a paper stating the confirmation of my pregnancy. To have that sheet of paper in my hands was so amazing. To know for sure, I was carrying a life. They gave me a list of numbers of local doctors specializing in Obstetrics. From there, I chose an office, and made a call to schedule my first appointment.

When I arrived at my appointment, I was nervous, because I knew they would draw my blood for test, and I am deathly scared of needles. I calmed myself though, and went on through my tests, and got another positive pregnancy result, and found out that I was already 6 weeks pregnant. I was elated.

I went the next day to the W.I.C office to get some coupons for cereal, milk, cheese, etc. There, they took my iron levels, and said that they were very high, which was good, since I had not yet started taking prenatal vitamins.

Now hereís the scary part. My brother, who has always had a temper, was at my apartment one day with Sarah. Well, the two of them were getting into it, so I decided to tell my brother to leave. I got up, to escort him to the door, and the next thing I knew, he had me on his lap and he was repeatedly punching me in my stomache. How could he do this? He knew I had a life inside of me. I then called the police and they picked him up from my place and took him to juvenile.

A few days later, I was nervous from what happened with my brother, so I called my doctors office. They wanted me to come immediately, so I rushed there, and they ran more test. HCG levels were still high, but they insisted I have an Emergency Ultrasound.

I went to the hospital, and nervously awaited for the nurse to call my name so I could see if my baby was still ok. Thankfully, I walked into the office, stripped down, and seen a little heartbeat on the screen before me. I was so thankful that my little one was spared of his or her uncles attack.

From then on, my pregnancy went well. Morning sickness, or for me rather, it was more of a night time thing, was diminishing. I was starting to gain weight, and I was in my 4th month of pregnancy already.

But then came the night of March 18, 2007.

I lay around all day, feeling wore out, and crampy. I noticed a bloody show in my pants, and got worried. I called my doctor, and they told me I could either come into the office in the morning, or go to the hospital tonight. Being worried, I had Tim take me to the hospital. I got into the emergency room, and waited less than 15 minutes. They got me into the E.R and started drawing blood, doing pap smears, and asking me questions. Then a lady came in a gave me a catheter, so they could do a vaginal ultrasound, and stomach ultrasound quickly. It hurt so badly. I didn't know what to do.

Around midnight, the doctor who had been running all my tests came in with a sad look on his face. I knew what was coming. "Your baby has demised, ma'am. I'm sorry"

I cried and cried. a nurse came in and told me I would be staying overnight, so they could do a Dilation and Curettage in the morning. They put an I.V in my arm, and took me to a room.

Once in my room, they gave me some pain medication through my I.V and told me to get some rest. I couldn't rest. I was upset beyond belief. I called my friend I took the test with, my mother, and my father. Sarah came up right away, and she was just as upset as I was. My mother came up, drunker than ever, crying and kept hugging me, although, I was scared of a drunk woman hugging me while I had an I.V in my arm, I was just glad to see people care.

At around 6 a.m my father came to the hospital before work to see me. After he left, my friend Sarah came back with our friend Holly. They were visiting with me, and my pain was becoming more severe as I lay numb in every place but my lower abdomen. I started to squirm in pain, and then felt myself hemorrhage. I freaked out and hit the nurses button. She had everyone leave the room and soon after that, I was off to surgery.

A few more people came to visit once I woke up from the D&C, including my band director I had in high school, a few more friends, and a very guilty feeling brother, who thought it was all his fault.

When I left the hospital, thatís when I cried the hardest. It was just this unbearable pain of leaving something behind. I walked in with a baby inside me, I walked out empty.

Now, 4 months later, I feel a strong perseverance to become pregnant again. My boyfriend at the time, is now my husband. We want to start our own family. We are currently trying to conceive. I am hoping to be pregnant soon, and deliver a healthy baby before Summer 2008. Wish me luck everyone.

Thank you for your time.


We're all teenagers but have r different stories

My friend was 17 and she came into college and shouted Iím pregnant to me. I sat there in shock, I couldn't believe it but I was so happy for her. She had been going out with her boyfriend for only a few months but now 3 yrs on there as happy as ever and getting married in September. Her daughter Chloe is beautiful!

When I was 17 I was working in a childrenís play centre and two of the girls there fell pregnant, one was 17 the other 18. They both had boyfriends but 1 of them is now a single mother but the other is living with her boyfriend in a flat, they struggle for money but love each other very much!

Then my old school friend fell pregnant, she was 18 and her and her boyfriend planned it and are living together. They have a beautiful daughter.

Then when I was 18 I fell pregnant, shock!! It was an accident yes but me and boyfriend knew we would keep him. At 11 weeks though I miscarried, I will never get over losing my baby.

I had just started a new job after my miscarriage and a girl there I knew had just had an abortion she was 17 and the last job I left my friend who was 21 also had an abortion.

Time went on and a girl where I worked who was 17 started to put on weight, we didn't think much of it but rumours did go round that she was pregnant. Last month she had a baby girl. She didn't even know she was pregnant! She was going to give the baby up for adoption but her and her boyfriend have kept her and are still carrying on with their education.

Just found out that my old college friend has just had a baby boy! She is 19.

Well I'm 19 and now nearly 6 weeks pregnant. I have all these other girls stories and my own and Iím praying that everything goes ok through my pregnancy! Iím very excited!


first baby

Wow! Well Iím 21, married, and pregnant with our first baby. We found out when I was 6 wks. By then I had started getting mild queasiness.

Well...3 wks later the queasiness and random vomiting has worsened. But it will be so worth it when I get to hold that beautiful creature in my arms.

Weíre not going to find out the sex and let the whole thing be a surprise. 4 wks left of this trimester! :)


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