First Trimester

Trying to get pregnant is an exciting time in a woman's life, but it isn't always easy. From counting menstrual cycles to buying countless pregnancy tests, getting pregnant is often an experience in and of itself. We want to hear about all of your experiences, from your first pregnancy test right up to your first pregnancy symptoms. And feel free to share your conception secrets with other hopeful couples!

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Unplanned Blessing

About a month ago I lost a baby not wanted by it's father, but very much wanted by me. The father and I broke up very shortly afterwards and haven't spoken since, but of course I turned back to my first love and ex-boyfriend. We became close again and after almost a year of being split had sex. He said that he never ejaculated, but three days later I began my period that lasted only two days with just spotting most of the time. I thought nothing of it, but then my breasts got unusually sore and then exploded it seemed like, and at work the smell of bacon or frying oil sets me off.

Sometimes I just get sick out of nowhere. I feel out of breath and like my organs are being scrunched up. I'm generally not an emotional person either, but I find myself crying at the most petty little things. And I can see the veins in my breasts.

My ex knows nothing yet, and I have decided not to tell him until I am showing (around May). This baby is the baby I've wanted for years and with the perfect guy, please pray for me!



Iím almost positive Iím pregnant. I'm 16, and kind of scared, but still excited.

Iím nauseous every morning, eating three times what I used to, and my breasts are growing and are SO SORE!!!!! Iím a month late on my period, never missed one before. I have bad hormones; always have, so my doctor wants me to do some blood tests next week....

Iím so scared to tell my parents! My momís going to be all disappointed in me and my dadís going to kill me and my partner!!! I mean, itís really our fault for not being more careful.

But really, who'd think that Iíd get pregnant a few weeks before I went to get on the pill?!?!


7 weeks pregnant

I had a miscarriage last month and found out I got pregnant right after the miscarriage and am now 7 weeks pregnant. I am completely freaked out that I will miscarry again. I don't want to do anything wrong and I get scared when I have any cramps which I am experiencing off and on right now.

They're somewhat sharp pains that last different amounts of times.

Staci Leonard

I'M THRILLED!!!!!!!!!!

Although I'd only been trying since last July, it honestly felt like forever! I would think I was pregnant every month because my fiancť and I would try and try but then the home pregnancy test stick would always come out negative, then I would get very upset and mildly depressed.

HOWEVER, just four days ago, I got up the nerve due to my unusually larger and sore boobs to take another HPT, and I was shaking so bad when I finally picked it up and saw two lines!! I ran into our bedroom and woke up my fiancť shouting that "I'm pregnant, I'm pregnant!"

We confirmed it at the doctor the next day! Good luck and congratulations to all of you out there!


still ok

I am now at 10 weeks and a scan at 6 weeks managed to see a sac with a beating heart, which was very exciting. I now feel very tired (sort of like being hung-over all the time Ė thatís the way I describe it to my husband!). I haven't vomited at all yet so hopefully I've escaped, although I have felt a little nauseous at times.

I've started getting headaches as well. But really I've just waiting for the three-month mark, as my chance of miscarriage will be markedly reduced. I see my obstetrician soon so hopefully will be able to see how much my baby has grown! My dates say that I should be about 12 weeks already but according to my scan I was two weeks earlier...go figure!

My husband is very excited and has already bought a new station wagon in anticipation of the impending birth. I hope to be writing my next installment when I am in my 2nd trimester.


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